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  1. I readily believe, but I hope. Thanks for the answer. Your working is great.
  2. Hello. For a long time I use your mission on my server and find it very attractive. Activation and deactivation of missions, markers, spawn loot, AI, static MG and helicopters - work perfectly. But I have a few questions. I revised the forum, but found no answer. I identified 3 problems that I would like to eliminate, namely: 1. If the AIs kill the player on a mission (or if the player reconnects to the server), the AI and the helicopter stop moving. AI attacks the player if he (the player) stands on the line of fire. AI can follow the player by turning his head in his direction, but he can not turn. 2. Static MGs do not disappear and are not damaged when the shooter dies. 3. Players can take possession of the helicopter, even if the setting is disabled. In the settings of the mission, nothing has changed. The only thing I did was add line _hmg call EPOCH_server_setVToken; to file fn_spawnInvasionAI.sqf so that static MGs did not disappear when the player approached. Please help to solve these problems. Sincerely.