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  1. XxPROSEAL200xX

    InfiSTAR Not working with ExAd

    Nvm i got it all working was somthing i did wrong on files
  2. XxPROSEAL200xX

    InfiSTAR Not working with ExAd

    I have tried everything to get this to work the apps will not show at all. I added the IDDS in the infistar did nothing. I moved the CfgRemoteExec from description to the infistar CfgRemoteExec for exad didnt work I tried everything its like its blocked or somthing I have the full version of InfiSTAR I have Everything installed Correctly Double Checked it all
  3. XxPROSEAL200xX

    infiStar & ExAd

  4. XxPROSEAL200xX

    InfiStar chatmenufound problem

    I'm Having the same issue but mine doesn't say i was kicked just takes me straight out of the game without a resson. I'm Hosting mine on nitrado as well. Do i need to upgrade my Infistar? And how do i do that on nitrado? I really need help with this its really anoying