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  1. TheEgel

    Unusually High Frequency of Exploding Vehicles

    what i have seen as an admin on the typhoon gamers server is all types off striders gmg hmg and none. they explode for no reason just riding on the road or grass, and no missions in the neighbourhood. the update arma or exile did something with the strider that mad it from a reliable vehicle to a deathtrap.
  2. TheEgel

    Vehical UI Improvements

    On the server where i play we can sell the loaded cargo as a whole in like a supply crate or a mission crate
  3. TheEgel

    Message system

    The new message system is filling up a big peace of my screen. And message after message it grows. Now i have to press M every time to make them dissapear. But i dont wont to look at the map so many times. I like a clear view on the left side too.
  4. TheEgel

    Fix for Crash when downloading mission file.

    what works for me is verify everytime before i start playing the integrity of the game cache.
  5. TheEgel


    i havent found any so far. is maybe something that the server admin has to put in the loot table? i only find stuf like axes, jerrycan, metal but never sanbags or cement. only place i see them is at the trader on the hardware guy.
  6. TheEgel

    The Night on Exile

    Hello, I am playing exile for a long time now. But since the update the night is sooooo dark that it can not be played without NV goggles. Can we have back the nights with a bit more visibility. And the campfire is not giving the light it used to do.
  7. TheEgel

    1.60 Bug Fixes/Discussion

    I am playing EXILE Altis on but after the arma updat the campfire gives almost no light. Daytime is not as bright as it whas. The nighttime even with a sky full of stars is not done whithout the use ov nv goggles. Oh and they made the grass grow higher. I have now high grass in my base and hangar, but i will solve that with my gardner.
  8. TheEgel


    yes I have that on the server where I play. In particular, as it is with a dark night sky and rain. In nights with a sky full of stars the fire seems to give more light. but as I said when it is night with dark sky and i mean really dark you can do nothing with out NV. even when our base is full with campfires.
  9. TheEgel

    Building elements falls down to ground level

    I know the problem i had that same thing to. one wall part kept falling down after the restart and that was before the exile update. so it is not exile update related. What i did was and never did before was building on grid. Dont now if that causes the problem. But when i build it with the wall part a bit lowerd in the wall where you put it on it stayed on his place. And i bluild a lot of bases but never had that problem before only the one a build on grid. Or it was a place on the map where it was build.
  10. TheEgel

    Graphics stutter no matter the setting

    I played on a server with mods Tow/zombies and a few others mods there i had game freezes getting worse the longer i played there. Going back to the lobby and back in the game solved it for about 30 min. Now i play on a server without tow and ryanzombies and no game freeze. I guess it has something to do with the mod running on that server. But it is an issue sinds the update from Arma and Exile. I hope they fix it freezes up to 4 seconds are no fun.