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  1. TwistedX

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    anyone have a working example of the format you would use to get a dynamic mission to spawn in a fixed location. I want to spawn a plane on one of 4 runways but I cannot figure out how to format it with this shit arma code.
  2. TwistedX

    FPS Gamers is a vanilla exile server with a custom mission system. Come check us out!
  3. Ye, I purged all my discords and forgot which one was your add me on steam flossy <3
  4. Hola Gents, I wrote this blog post a couple years ago but I have moved it to its permanent home. I finally got around to creating a place for content to be pushed relevant to the games we love. So here is my attempt at shameless self-promotion! Hope this blog helps you and your team improve your gameplay. This is intended to be a tool for you to add to your toolbox. This guide was written originally for Arma 3 but it applies to any FPS Shooter. Feedback is always appreciated. TwistedXvs
  5. Gents, I started this project over 2 years ago then i slacked off for a bit. I just completed lesson 4 and published it to youtube. The information is for you so enjoy it. If you like it please share it. If you want to discuss it swing by my stream and lets discuss it. I stream Daily so come on by.
  6. How did you solve the blocking of the Fastroping and the Advanced vehicle towing addaction blocks? Currently Infistar is blocking our 2 addons that allow to player add actions like advanced towing and fastroping. Is there a way to whitelist the scripts so they can still work, or do we have to completely rewrite the menu interactions for add action to go along with Exiles?
  7. TwistedX

    A challenge to competitive clans

    Mustang is that you? LOL you got wrecked and made a beautiful clip on my stream.
  8. TwistedX

    A challenge to competitive clans

    Unfortunately I haven't found a server that has a good mix of wasteland in the way they do business so I created that with the AOP team. Hence why its going to be very action packed server with lots of boom boom. It's not that you other owners are not doing a bang up job. I just don't feel you have my kind of warfare in mind for your servers. Plus a lot of you have rules, where as we do not. We have just 1 rule, no hacking glitching or exploiting. Everything else is fair game, they way the end of the world should be.
  9. TwistedX

    A challenge to competitive clans

    Still waiting on you girls out there to show yourselves.
  10. TwistedX

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    @eraser1 Funny thing this had no errors in the server report. Ill see what i can figure out.
  11. TwistedX

    Glitching models broken since update

    Anyone else having this issue with the game right now?
  12. TwistedX

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    @eraser1 here is where I am at. Can you let me know if I am on the right path. Spawn Vehicle Mission Array changes to the mission array tables in config Timers What I am getting currently is no mission spawns. The DMS post init fires properly and ZCP spawns the AI group as it is supposed to. But no bandit missions or vehicle missions spawn.
  13. TwistedX

    A challenge to competitive clans

    Fixed as to not violate any special Rules and good to see you again Floss! I thought that was you haha. I even told Insom that I thought that was you over here.
  14. TwistedX

    A challenge to competitive clans

    Call it what you may it still has the same end. Top killer scores a pay day.