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  1. SomeRandomScorpion

    [NEW] Corentis Media Exile Altis

    Corentis Media Exile is a small group of friends that have come together to create an Exile server. We listen to our player's suggestions, and place votes on what features to implement onto the server. We are in no way a community, we do not believe in "staff", our administration team in no way get involved with users, unless the user is reported on our discord, or caught breaking a rule. Our rules are very free, with only a handful of them, so freedom is the biggest thing in this server. I mean, it's exile, there's really no rules if this was real life, it's basically a free-for-all deathmatch. So, if you're into servers with limited restrictions and the ability to do literally whatever you want, then what better place to start than Corentis? Our server currently only supports a maximum of 4 players, as this is just a start up to see how well this goes. If it becomes more populated, we will definitely upgrade as soon as we can. But right now, we need to save the money until we actually need it. I hope you can understand our position. Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you in EXILE!
  2. SomeRandomScorpion

    Server Restarts

    How can I make a scheduled restart my Exile server on Linux. I would prefer an easy-to-setup script for the server, rather than a cron tab. If not, could I have directions on how to create a cron task for the restarting of my server?
  3. I sometime have this issue in my server, it usually happens when you (the player) has disconnected after dying and not respawning, therefor player data has not been saved to the database, and neither has the death. An easy fix, press Escape, Suicide and then respawn. It's the simplest fix I know of. Doesn't happen to me unless I relog after dying.
  4. SomeRandomScorpion

    Issue with the provided exile.sql file

    I have fixed the issue. I had an out dated version of MySQL installed on the Linux server. Thanks for the attempts to help guys!
  5. SomeRandomScorpion

    Issue with the provided exile.sql file

    Hello, survivors! I am having issues with uploading/importing the exile.sql file provided with the @ExileServer download. When I attempt to import or even copy & paste the sql file into PHPmyAdmin, I get a bunch of errors, noted in the screenshots provided. It would be greatly appreciated if somebody could provide me help or advice on how to fix said issues.