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  1. One Shot

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    thanks i will take alook. i dont use exadd will this still work. i can easily install exadd but find alot of apps on there are in the standard xm8 app. The top part that you sent for the Exile_client_gui, do i neeed to copy and paste that to my current one ? im not great at installing scripts without video guides
  2. One Shot

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    at the moment it doesnt open on start up which is good, only opens with scroll wheel when you select it but i would like to add it to the xm8, so when a player opens xm8 and clicks on the rules app this opens up
  3. One Shot


    its turning into a problem now so i will use the correct forum thread and post into server problems, this topic can be removed from general. thanks
  4. One Shot

    help with this scarcode please

    Ivemanaged to get this installed but at the moment its only on scroll wheel option. can soemone explain how i go about adding it to xm8 apps, i know i need to create app for it but i dont know how to do that or understand wherand how to add the exec for it.
  5. One Shot

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    any guides how to creat the app so i can add this to the xm8 ?
  6. One Shot


    ok im missing something or put files in wrong place ,where do i put these in the description. #include "scarCODE\ServerInfoMenu\hpp\CfgServerInfoMenu.hpp" #include "scarCODE\ServerInfoMenu\hpp\RscDisplayServerInfoMenu.hpp" i pasted these at the top of my description page under some of the other #includes. #define true 1 #define false 0 // Required for the XM8, do not remove! #include "R3F_LOG\desc_include.h" #include "RscDefines.hpp" #include "custom\paintshop\Halv_defines.hpp" #include "custom\paintshop\paintshop.hpp" #include "scarCODE\ServerInfoMenu\hpp\RscDisplayServerInfoMenu.hpp" #include "scarCODE\ServerInfoMenu\hpp\CfgServerInfoMenu.hpp" in the init.sqf i have [] execVM "R3F_LOG\init.sqf"; [] execVM "addons\statusBar\statusBar.sqf"; [] execVM "Custom\EnigmaRevive\init.sqf"; [] execVM "xm8Apps\ExileSecurity\Init.sqf"; [] execVM "scarCODE\ServerInfoMenu\sqf\initLocal.sqf"; //BuryCorpse VNM_fnc_Hidebody = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "Custom\BuryCorpse.sqf"; call compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "takegive_poptab_init.sqf"; if(hasInterface) then{ call compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "service_point.sqf"; }; so you can see i got that placed at the bottom of the other execVM which im pretty sure is correct. im just not sure in the description file where i place the other 2 .hpp's when i go to xm8 i dont see it when i click rules, maybe i have to set somethign else up, i just copied and paste the files from script into correct folders/section. i dont have exadd xm8 installed maybe it only works with exadd.
  7. One Shot


  8. One Shot


    ok im not sure if its part of xm8 app or not but if you see from screenshot you can go to xm8-then rules tab, it also pops up each time you log onto serverbut you can see this layout is different to the normal xm8 rules tab. i just want to know if anyone can tell me what script this is so i can try and implement it onto our server, i liek the way the tabs are set out, easy categories to see each section of rules etc. i may also need a guide how to install. this layout of the rules tab is so cleaner easy to see
  9. One Shot

    Server not showing up in Serverbwoser

    make sure your server is on 1.88, not previous version 1.86. make sure all your mods are updated. check server configs, make sure you not made a typo error in anything you might of changed. try deleting character data in db if you getting spawn issues and start with new character, sometimes characters get duplicated data in data in db
  10. One Shot

    xm8 deployed vehicle settings

    ok thnaks, what folder is create vehcile in ?
  11. One Shot

    xm8 deployed vehicle settings

    just a quick question, what folder do i need to go in to change what vehicle i want to deploy, currently set to bicycle using duc tape, i would like to change this to a uaz or that mrzr vehcile and to use a foolbox or soemthing instead of the boring duc tape
  12. One Shot

    Notification in russain help

    foud it, lot of russain stuff i dont understand in that script
  13. One Shot

    day night cycle

    yer i adjusted to what you sent and it works fine cheers dude
  14. One Shot

    Notification in russain help

    thankyou mate, thatdoes make sense because i did also see a heli fly over and crash then load of bots parachute out
  15. One Shot

    r3f crate selling

    sent freind request just waiting for you to accept