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  1. @Monkeynutz You might be interested in this. Here is something i worked on to make air and ship deploys more clean. Replace fn_spawnDeployableVehicle.sqf in the ExAd_DV.pbo in the server addons, of course pack once overwritten. /* fn_spawnDeployableVehicle Copyright 2016 Jan Babor Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. */ params ["_playerNetId","_configClass","_player","_spawnPos","_spawnDir","_usePositionATL","_vehObj","_vehicleClass"]; _player = objectFromNetId _playerNetId; _spawnDir = direction _player; _vehicleClass = getText(missionConfigFile >> "CfgXM8" >> _configClass >> "vehicleClass"); switch (true) do { case (_vehicleClass isKindOf "Ship") : { _spawnPos = [(getPosASL _player), 20, 5] call ExileClient_util_world_findWaterPosition; _usePositionATL = false; }; case (_vehicleClass isKindOf "Air") : { _defaultSpawn = _player modelToWorld [0,8,2]; _FirstPrefPos = _defaultSpawn findEmptyPosition [0,20,"RwG_Mozzie_Carl_Black"]; if !isNil {_FirstPrefPos} then { _spawnPos = [(_FirstPrefPos select 0), (_FirstPrefPos select 1), ((_FirstPrefPos select 2) + 1)]; } else { _spawnPos = _defaultSpawn; }; _usePositionATL = true; }; default { _spawnPos = _player modelToWorld [0,6,0]; _usePositionATL = true; }; }; _vehObj = [_vehicleClass, _spawnPos, _spawnDir, _usePositionATL] call ExileServer_object_vehicle_createNonPersistentVehicle; if( getNumber(missionConfigFile >> "CfgXM8" >> _configClass >> "packable") > 0 ) then { _vehObj setVariable ["ExAd_DV_Packable", true, true]; }; if( getNumber(missionConfigFile >> "CfgXM8" >> _configClass >> "autoCleanUp") > 0 ) then { [_vehObj] spawn { private ["_wait","_tick", "_vehObj","_driver"]; _wait = true; _tick = 0; _vehObj = [_this,0,objNull] call BIS_fnc_param; while {_wait} do { UISleep 1; if(isNull _vehObj)exitWith{_wait = false}; _driver = driver _vehObj; if(isNull _driver)then{ _tick = _tick + 1; }else{ _tick = 0; }; if(_tick >= ExAd_DV_DESPAWN_IDLE_TIME)exitWith{_wait = false}; }; moveOut (driver _vehObj); _vehObj call ExileServer_system_vehicleSaveQueue_removeVehicle; _vehObj call ExileServer_system_simulationMonitor_removeVehicle; deleteVehicle _vehObj; }; }; true I have done some changes to the mission file, that adds checks for deployable vehicles so they don't blow themselves up or deploy a boat while on land. Below in the ExAdClient\XM8\Apps\DeployVehicle\config.sqf file overwrite it with the below. then in missionfile config.cpp just add options like below depending on if its a air vehicle or an water vehicle. airVeh = 1; waterVeh = 0; class ExAd_Mozzie { title = "Deploy Mosquito"; config = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\DeployVehicle\config.sqf"; bambiState = 0; vehicleClass = "RwG_Mozzie_Carl_Black"; recipe[] = {{"DDR_Item_Gold_Bar",1}}; packable = 1; airVeh = 1; waterVeh = 0; autoCleanUp = 1; quickFunction = "['ExAd_Mozzie'] call ExAd_XM8_DV_fnc_spawnVehicle"; };
  2. A good start is this. Name the above Randout.sqf and place it in a folder called 'custom' inside the mission file folder. Add the below to your own ExileClient_object_player_network_createPlayerResponse.sqf (you will need to override in the CFGcustomCode section) add this right down the bottom but just before the last like where it says 'true'. [] execVM "custom\Randout.sqf"; Make sure you remove any starting items in your config.cpp then you should be good then. This also adds extra clips for the starting guns, that scale with your respect.
  3. Should be fine for making traders and some barracks, just don't go overboard with objects like making fences that are a hundred parts and you should be good. Depending on what building classnames you place down, you will need to source a lot of CUP or Jbad Lootpos yourself but if you go with default Arma 3 stuff you should be fine, they are most likely added. If not a program I use is this for getting loot positions https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625259647 . Load what ever mods your server loads + the eden stuff, that's what I do. Like if you have CUP Terrains Core or something on your server, make sure you load it, if you don't then don't.
  4. Interesting, the spawn selection one gave me a idea. Really good stuff.
  5. You don't have a extra dialog control? Should look similar to below in xsSpawnDiaglog.hpp. class xsSpawnLogo: xsSpawnRscPictureKeepAspect { idc = 1101; x = 0.0771875 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.054 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.156 * safezoneW; h = 0.156 * safezoneH; text = "xs\spawn\xslogo.paa"; }; colorText[] = {1,1,1,1}; Remove the above if you have that control in the logo dialog. If not, how are you exporting and what file type are you using as your logo? also this. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/157041-wrong-color-with-paa-files/
  6. You can but, you can source that script yourself. look for that, and make a override in your cfgcustomcode section. Change the direction and the classname of the prop that positions the vehicle spawn, in that script. _dirAir = (random 360); // set rotation of air vehicle spawning, default = random change the _dirAir to which ever direction you need it to face. "0" direction is north. So if you need to go south you go 180
  7. I am aware of this one.
  8. Bump, updated.
  9. You are missing the override of this part, without it you will not be able to successfully pick a spawn type. if (_HaloSpawnCheck isEqualTo 1) then { _position set [2, getNumber(configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "BambiSettings" >> "parachuteDropHeight")]; if ((getNumber(configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "BambiSettings" >> "haloJump")) isEqualTo 1) then { _bambiPlayer addBackpackGlobal "B_Parachute"; _bambiPlayer setPosATL _position; _spawnType = 2; } else { _parachuteObject = createVehicle ["Steerable_Parachute_F", _position, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _parachuteObject setDir _direction; _parachuteObject setPosATL _position; _parachuteObject enableSimulationGlobal true; _parachuteNetID = netId _parachuteObject; _spawnType = 1; }; } else { _spawnType = 0; }; Get a program called "DiffMerge" its not a perfect way to combine files but it makes it easier to compare and change things if you aren't sure yourself. I am not certain if you can just ignore that Exile Escape stuff you need to merge, fingers crossed for you.
  10. Yeah, do what you want with it man.
  11. That will not work Class's can only be defined once, delete the the class CfgRemoteExec in description.ext, and keep the #include in description.ext and add this to the CfgRemoteExec.hpp file in mission file root. Don't delete anything in that file just add right under the other class/es. #Include just copies and paste the data that is in a different file to the current one.
  12. Looks fine to me as long as you have put the files inside the the "loadouts" folder, so they link up.
  13. Add them up top some where in ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp.sqf , add to your customcode section in config.cpp and assign your custom keys to them, custom 5 for bandage and custom 9 for instadoc. Done
  14. try this This will delete everything that isn't Equal to a classname in a radius, eg: flies, bushes trees ect.
  15. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27697 The question is what will happen when you actually want to reload the empty magazine, probably wont load it unless you add it manually through the gear menu or load it last or never because it has no value. Its something that could be in Arma 4 though, having realistic magazines so you have to load all your rounds yourself finding stray bullets in drops to fill magazines up instead of just finding full magazines, would add interesting dynamics to looting.