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  1. ItsDutch

    [Release] Fishing boat script [UPDATED]

    just merge the files that are the same its only a small part in the top u need to merge with the vector 1
  2. ItsDutch

    [Release] Fishing boat script [UPDATED]

    this comes out of the extend survival pack
  3. ItsDutch

    [RELEASE] Missile warning for all vehicles

    i like yours ^^
  4. ItsDutch

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    try infistar xm8apps you can easly add stuff on there and u can add it next to normal xm8 or exad xm8
  5. ItsDutch

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    should be possible to add to xm8 but idk how... if u dont want it on start up u can set a custom key for it so people can open it with a custom key
  6. ItsDutch

    [scarCODE] Server Info Menu

    del plz
  7. ItsDutch

    How to rollback Arma 3 to version 1.84

    verifySignatures = 2; // Verifies .pbos against .bisign files. Valid values 0 (disabled), 1 (prefer v2 sigs but accept v1 too) and 2 (only v2 sigs are allowed) and arma want to bring in v3
  8. ItsDutch

    Ama 1.88 Bugs MEGATHREAD

    np yw ^^
  9. ItsDutch

    [Release] Xtended base raiding mechaniX

    you should be able to add that your self
  10. ItsDutch

    [Release] Xtended base raiding mechaniX

    yes it is im running it on my server
  11. ItsDutch

    Ama 1.88 Bugs MEGATHREAD

    eeey guys if you got trouble with the web console of u host and stuck in v1.84 and not be able to upload to v1.88. this is your fix: Delete your steamapps en appcache folder from arma3 server. Than press steam update in control panel and it will work with 1.88 Also put signature checks on 2 don't change it
  12. ItsDutch

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    here mate some player on my server made this movie so we dont have to explain all!
  13. ItsDutch

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    yeah i rollback to 1.84 already but the problem is people dont know how to go back to 1.84 and thats where the fail atm
  14. ItsDutch

    Arma 3 update making server keys broken?

    I got same mate but i and with us many more