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  1. Not completely clear on how to run the PS Script
  2. I want to try this but not clear on what to do with the database files?
  3. Did the toolkit break for anyone with update? Hit F2 Menus show but nothing happens... have i missed something?
  4. Its in there hidden kinds deep took a while to find https://github.com/Bjanski/ExAd/blob/master/mpmissions/Exile.Altis/ExAdClient/XM8/Apps/DeployVehicle/INSTALL.md
  5. OK... Just on a whim i started opening all the folders in Exad Master - Addons and opend exad_dv Config.cpp and read a class that says spawndeployablevehicle.. So I PBO it and put into @Exileserver - addons.. then started my server , got an extension cord and it worked. Checked the Docs in Exad Master didnt find any reference to that step.. @Tom ♋ ツ Flames Thanks for the suggestion of going step by step
  6. I made another server just for testing (New DB), im running @Exile ,@ExileServer , @RHSUSAF ,@RHSAFRF and @Admin Toolkit Server. Starting server with Tadst , No Battleye . Ive followed Exad Videos on installing Core, XM8 and Virtual Garage. Every step, modified all files the videos and instrutions say ( with the exception of ("CfgInteractionMenus" >> "Flag" >> "VG") as stated in the video) , did the SQL Command and the sql custom ini instructions.. And i still have the Deploy bike issue.
  7. Followed the videos here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnF1OxtQlzPPkWHzH4GEpTQ/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0 did Core , then XM8 then Virtual Garage Any particular part of the process to pay attention to? I understand something went wrong just trying to figure out what to look in to to fix it.
  8. Hello need some help on why Bikes and Quads dont deploy. character goes through the motions, it says Deployed but extention cord not consumed and no bike or Quad appears.
  9. Redid it all from scratch ... Pretty sure I messed up the first time Moving files from Exile 2.0.2 server zip. Now it is working well.. This Can be close @GolovaRaoul Thanx for the help
  10. I followed this Tutorial
  11. Is this the RPT file you mentioned?
  12. I dont see an SC Folder in the Arma directory ( am i looking in the server or game pc? either way no SC folder
  13. Hello Everything seems to start normal, and players can log in and no issues there.. But after someone logs out that player cant log back in unless i restart the server.. No idea what to check.. all help apretiated Servers is a Vm in ESXI running Windows server 2012R2 , 6gb of ram and 4virtual cores datastore is an SSD. Using TADST v3.0.0, Mission is Altis.