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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

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  1. Did it
  2. Can someone please show me how to add all the cups to arma 3 exile please! Step by step.
  3. I put all cups on the server but when I launch the server I get this message: a3\functions|f\Debug\fn_isDebugConsoleAllowed.sqf not found." I added everything to my Start.bat files.
  4. Is there away you could make your own sound if so where do i put the file at to make my own?
  5. Ok, I'll give it a try Thanks!
  6. I’m using that script right now actually but where do I upload a sound?
  7. I’m using that script right now actually but where do I upload a sound?
  8. Does anyone know how to restart with audio warning? That’s a free addon?
  9. Does Task Raido addon use nothing or temaspeak or even discord?
  10. Ok thanks
  11. Thanks for the support fix it but I just changed maps I was using esseker idk why but doesn’t work for me. Changed maps instead of esseker and it worked.
  12. Hello, sorry for so many questions I ran into another problem. When I join the server everything loads and i end up spawning in the water 5 seconds later it brings me back to the arma 3 menu. Then it kicks me after the water spawn.
  13. Hello, I started my exile server the console says everything started up good, but when I join the server it’s stuck on the exile loading screen it will stay there anyone know how to fix it. Please help been working on this problem for 2 Days now.
  14. Yes.
  15. Hello, Got a question, I have been working on a cherno map and also a Essker map is there any possible way I can have sometime of hub like a player can join between each server with the same gear and bank money? If possible please show me step by step. Thank you!