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  1. Alright so I installed Advanced Towing and Rappelling and they seem to work just not properly. For advanced towing, I can use it fine (I'm in admin mode) but other players cannot use it. As for advanced rappelling, I can use it again but I only hang there and can't go up or down and my players cannot even see the option. Any ideas?
  2. Boonji

    Advanced Towing and Rappelling.

    That's the thing though, the logs show no errors. Recently found out though that rappelling works when come out of admin mode and enter the game as a normal player.
  3. Boonji

    Advanced Towing and Rappelling.

    I believe infistar might be the issue but I don't want to remove it, is there a fix?
  4. Boonji

    Choomah Island

    Welcome to Choomah Island! Watch out for the pesky druggos that want to kill you. Come and join our new and small server (For now ). We hope to see you embark onto Choomah Island and explore what we have in store for you!