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  1. Hello ! I finished setting up my server, installed Exile base mod "Kohlrabi" , but when I'm joining the server im getting this error and insta kicked : I'm using GamingDeluxe as a host, they've set me up with everything. But I really don't know what I did wrong, this is my first server and I would appreciate if you could help me
  2. iLexzz

    Need help with GamingDeluxe Exile server setup !

    I have to mention that when we install Exile , there is nothing in the Config.cpp written, it's empty !
  3. Hello ! So , me and my friend bought a hosted server on GamingDluxe for Exile ( KOHLRABI ), 30 player slots etc. But we seem to get stuck at the setup, we want to have Chernarus on our server but we wanted to first test Altis to see if the server works how it should. We ran into many problems, first we were getting ang BattleEye error, fixed it by re-installing BattleEye, 2nd problem is that when we join the server we get stuck in the ground, no HUD , nothing. We began from scratch and installed Exile mod but now we can't even join the server, we click on join, loading screen appears for 5 sec and then it gets us back to the server browser. (using normal arma 3 launcher.) If someone could please assist us via Skype (screensahre) and tell us what we did wrong , it would be very helpful. NOTE : This is our 1st try making an Arma III Exile server.