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  1. I have install this apps, and i got problem with hack and grinding, anothers working fine, quad deploy, statusbar, all anothers working fine but when i try grinding or hack, no option appear to me ingame, someone can help me please?
  2. I read all the posts and many had a problem with saving the painting of the vehicle, but mine was the opposite, in my server don't save the base painting, the vehicles working fine, but the DB dont show nothing on the table when we try use the painting the base So0meone knows how can i fix it?
  3. watermark

    my image.paa look like that but DXT5 din't worked for me
  4. watermark

    i am try use it, but my image.paa dont show on screen, the image look like some shadow, really transparent, the same for squad logo, all image.paa look like that. Anyone knows how can i fix it? maybe some config i need convert to .paa, thanks a lot
  5. so now, how can i insert back buttom to my xm8? i change my xm8 to it, but when i try use the statusbar settings nothing appear and i cant go to back windows in xm8
  6. @kuplion i just put everythink inside the root folder how can i call the code in this config please? sorry ! And thanks a lot for share yours public chernarus, i am using this mission. So great mission
  7. @NoFocksGiven I am try insert the concret mixer at Polano and vybor traders to this mission, but don't working dudde, i don't know what i did wrong, just don't working, can do you help me please? i used the Eden editor, exported the file to initserver, i can see the mixer but the mixer just don't have any animation, it's just static.
  8. Anyone can help me to fix this timer? i put the overwrite folder if only extdb 2 extension.sqf file because i am using extdb 2 yet in the mission root folder, but not working. anyone can help me please?
  9. great work from @DirtySanchez and @speedweasel , congratulation !!!
  10. Shix, i am trying make a project about one server of exile mod for some children in my community here in Brazil, and i have see the script about base paint from you and would like to know if is possible you share or if not expensive, selling to me. Can do you help me please?

  11. How Can i import the objects from my own trade for the map editor again?
  12. Hello everbody, First i am sorry about this question, i just need help to understand. I am trying to insert a marxet place script in my server, i did all README instructions, but i cant find the market on the map, someone can help me please?
  13. i have follow all tutorial to make black market trader but when i try buy the vehicles, nothing appear on the list, someone can help me please? in my initplayerlocal.sqf i put this code: _trader = [ "Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms", "WhiteHead_05", ["InBaseMoves_repairVehicleKnl","InBaseMoves_repairVehiclePne"], [11561.1, 7040.82, 76.7143], [-0.99441, 0.105589, 0], [0, 0, 1]] ] call ExileClient_object_trader_create; in my config.cpp i used it: class CfgTraderCategories { class Community { name = "Community Items"; icon = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\Rsc\RscDisplayArsenal\uniform_ca.paa"; items[] = { "O_T_MRAP_02_hmg_ghex_F", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Armed_Guerilla01", "Exile_Car_HMMWV_M134_Green", "Exile_Car_HMMWV_M2_Green", "Exile_Car_BTR40_MG_Green", "O_MRAP_02_hmg_F", "B_MRAP_01_hmg_F", "I_MRAP_03_hmg_F" }; }; and... class CfgTraders class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms { name = "BLACKMARKET"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community" }; };
  14. Someone can help me to know how can i change the sound when we grinding doors? i would like to put another sound, or how can i swith on the sound in altis map, my grinder dont have any sound like in chernarus map
  15. Hello everbody, I have one question about the XM8 mobile, some friends havbe say me when we swith off the xm8, we dont apear in the player scan, and anothers say it dosent work, so if i have the xm8 on or off, will apear anyway. Someone know about? if i swith off the xm8, the player scan keep find me? or not? So thanks imediatly for some help!