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  1. @McQuade Will the server run after you remove Occupation? Double check you are using the latest Infistar version and all the install instructions are correct.
  2. @FrankC94 Let the server run for at least 15mins then copy and paste the contents of your RPT into a spoiler. (you cant attach the file)
  3. @McQuade Could you try turning off Infistar logging in the Occupation Config. SC_infiSTAR_log = false;
  4. Replace Occupation and DMS with latest versions above and make no changes to config except maybe disabling Apex. If it's still not working, post your RPT as a spoiler.
  5. Set SC_debug = false; Which map are you on? It looks like your Occupation is not the current version. Make sure you have the latest versions of both Occupation and DMS. Always best to start with vanilla config and test all working before making changes. Then test for each change. https://github.com/secondcoming/a3_exile_occupation https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile
  6. As for A3XAI, yes. Add the class names to that list. For the roaming vehicles, they would need to be added to the "Roaming Land Vehicle Setup" section in the Occupation Config.sqf (assuming you are using occupation for roaming vehicles) as A3XAI is also doing that. The vehicles listed in the DMS Config.sqf define the vehicles that can spawn with the missions. The reward vehicles for the individual missions can be changed in the relevant, separate, mission file.
  7. He's there. Hes the guy fixing the Heli.
  8. Would anyone know if it is feasible to make the Vehicles claimable using Mezo's Claim Vehicles Script? It seems to me that they need an init script added but i am unsure of what the syntax would be.
  9. Does anyone have this working for vehicles placed with Eden Editor? I would imagine they would also need an init string but i am unsure of the syntax if anyone can assist? Ta
  10. Do you use InfiSTAR? If not then ensure SC_infiSTAR_log is set to false in the config.sqf
  11. Good Evening I would like to make certain bandit missions appear at pre-defined locations. Ideally as an array. From this example in the behindenemylines.sqf, i presume i would add them here, but unsure of the correct syntax. Can anyone assist? // This part is unnecessary, but exists just as an example to format the parameters for "DMS_fnc_MissionParams" if you want to explicitly define the calling parameters for DMS_fnc_FindSafePos. // It also allows anybody to modify the default calling parameters easily. if ((isNil "_this") || {_this isEqualTo [] || {!(_this isEqualType [])}}) then { _this = [ [10,DMS_WaterNearBlacklist,DMS_MinSurfaceNormal,DMS_SpawnZoneNearBlacklist,DMS_TraderZoneNearBlacklist,DMS_MissionNearBlacklist,DMS_PlayerNearBlacklist,DMS_TerritoryNearBlacklist,DMS_ThrottleBlacklists], [ [] ], _this ]; }; // Check calling parameters for manually defined mission position. // This mission doesn't use "_extraParams" in any way currently. _OK = (_this call DMS_fnc_MissionParams) params [ ["_pos",[],[[]],[3]], ["_extraParams",[]] ];
  12. Nothing leaps out a me there other than maybe try it again after including the vehicle classes in SC_VehicleClassToUseRare The script looks like it trying to call a rare vehicle when there aren't any to call.