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  1. anyone else have issues with the a3launcher site or is it just me? lol Nvm All is good now
  2. thank you never much Mr Infastar i totaly misread what one of our players was saying i thought he ment he could see all the keys for the admin controlls also but he sent me a pic of what he could see and it stops at "funny dab" and has no scroll option past that so all is good and thanks for your response
  3. does anyone know if theres a way to hide the keybinds menu from nonadmins from seeing it? i have players that are non admins hitting the tab key or something else and they are seeing the menu for keybinds
  4. Need help on this went with something someone else said to do to get missions to timeout still refuse to time out anyone know what would be the issue?
  5. ive actually tryed it both from a3launcher and from exile itself
  6. 1st yes i have updated my exile to 1.0.4 so far ive been able to join 1 server running the 1.0.4 not a problem ive tried 2 other servers (including one i mod) both when i go to connect to them i get the blue text at the bottom of the screen from 1.0.3 and not the yellow from 1.0.4 also missing the 2 boxes on the right one saying w/e the map is other saying server name or exile both of those are gone ive tried both a3launcher and arma 3 game itself both get the same problem anyone have any idea what is causing this?
  7. np glad i could finally help someone theres on on here too called "easytraders" works great probably the one you mean but its easy to set up and get going
  8. theres your problem my friend you need to add classnames/prices to your CPP for them to work in game mapname w/e it is altis tanoa w/e CPP in there that would be on your mpmissions folder and the mapname should be in there
  9. might be a stupid question but in your mpmission w/e map you are using in that CPP did you add the mods to the trader in there also?
  10. thanks for the replys guys very greatful
  11. sorry if this is in the wrong area was woundering if anyone has or knows where to find the classnames for the laws of war dlc items vans,uavs ect thanks in advance
  12. @geekm0nkey sorry for late reply i doubt its a conflict with DMS iam running this on both Altis and Tanoa never had that issue before best thing i can think of is redownload this and just run it from fresh and see if it keeps doing it might just be a setting fubard iam not sure
  13. on a couple missions there is buildings/objects with doors theres a option to open the door but it doesnt open anyone kno how to fix that?