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  1. Yes, please reupload, or show us what to add to make a rope necessary, or several, if one wants to tow several vehicles. Would be nice!!!
  2. @ EBEALIEN (hello neighbour from outer space xD) You need to create a .pbo from the "sneak_server" folder, using PBO manager, maybe. So that you don´t have the folder anymore but a pbo called sneak_server.pbo. I wish you success!
  3. Hello guys. I have a question about A3XAI and the drones. Does somebody have drones working in A3XAI? I switched drones on(one, to be precise), those little drones that look like the toydrones everybody uses nowadays. This now is a week ago but i didn´t see any drone yet. Roaming Ai, roaming air and ground vehicles work fine, so i thought drones might work too, that easily. Now my last idea is maybe that they just fly too high, but i rather have the feeling there is no drone on the server. Has anybody A3XAI working with drones and could me point to the right direction, maybe?
  4. I even had to take it out again, because it made my mission.pbo so huge that uploading, restarting the server and loading into the game needed way too long. The textures you have to put in your mission files are way too big.
  5. How could i add a price for every paintjob, let´s say 1000 poptabs?
  6. A question, once again. I made parking meters lootable, if you have a knife. Till now i have to go the long way round and add Exitem_money to the parking meters(which doesn´t fit really, because these are banknotes and not coins ), bring that money to the trader, to exchange it to poptabs. Is there a way to add poptabs directly to my parking meters, so i don´t have to "sell" money at the traders first, to get poptabs? Tried it with "Exitem_PopTabs", but it just says that i get 1x, and i don´t have more poptabs on my account. I found that: setVariable ["ExileMoney", 10,true]; but i am not really sure where and how to exactly add it, i guess in: ExileExpansionClient_system_scavenge_createLoot Has anybody a hint for me? Edit: I forgot to say that i am on version 0.6 still, for some (for me) good reasons.
  7. Because it works now on our server and something stupid was in my question...
  8. deleted
  9. Mittlerweile benutzt man besser den normalen Arma Launcher, nicht mehr den A3 Launcher. Alles was oben beschrieben wird( One-Click-Download-And-Join-Tool ) macht der auch. Meiner Meinung nach aber besser und zuverlässiger als der A§ Launcher, mittlerweile.
  10. deleted
  11. Dear Lord..... Are you still alive???
  12. Hatte bemerkt das die VcomAI leider auch geclaimte Wagen stiehlt(Claim Vehicles Script), dort einsteigen kann obwohl sie abgeschlossen sind. Aber ansonsten verhalten sich die mit Vcom gesteuerten AI realistischer. Das die AI Fahrzeuge stehlen kann war einer der Hauptgründe VcomAI zu installieren. Als ich dann merkte das die meine geclaimten, abgeschlossenen Fahrzeuge wegfahren wollten habe ich Vcom dann wieder runtergetan aber überlege, ob ich nicht nur den Fahrzeugklau ausschalten soll, weil der Rest von Vcom einiges bringt.
  13. You don´t know how happy i am with this script, would never ever play again without it!!! And thought that it would be a bit of work, tried a bit around but without success. And thanks, once again, for the fast answer!!!!
  14. Thank you and nevermind. I thought there would maybe be a script out there that i just couldn´t find yet.
  15. I was asked if i can switch off the search progress bar, some buddies meant it would destroy the feeling a bit. Is there a way to disable it? Thanks in advance!