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  1. Unfortunately I didn't add comments to differentiate the Tanoa objects...
  2. I have most of the Tanoa trash stuff added to mine, I could share my scavenge file with you
  3. Yes, there is, you just need to add an interaction to whatever object you want to use to call the create family script. It's in your mission file config.cpp. Sorry I can't point you exactly what to do, I'm on my phone and not near my server, the info is out there and it's super easy to do. I did the same for territory upgrades and rent payments, they're done right from the players flags.
  4. Yeah so it likely turns out I'm just an idiot... As usual lol. I had set up my loot tables and compiled them, but I must have closed my LootTables.h and not saved it, THEN compiled it, so I had my new item groups, but no Loot Tables for them to be drawn from.... Like I said above... 90% of the time I know it's my error, I think I need to change that to 99%! Fixing my loot tables now
  5. @Bob_the_K I'm fairly certain we're running all the same exact mods and scripts! Haha I use all those too.
  6. It looks like you had a partial Easy Traders setup going, just missing the exile item list and trader categories. Like @Bob_the_K said, use Easy Traders! Makes life better
  7. There's always a very good chance that the problem is on my end... 90% of the time I screw something up In this case, with another also having the same issue I assumed it might have been a script problem. I'll be digging deeper on my end when I have a chance and report back.
  8. I gave this a shot, but it didn't help. It did keep the inventory from coming up, so no inventory flashing either. But a successful scavenge did not provide loot
  9. @Chernaruski did you get your scavenging sorted, or do you think this issue is rooted in 0.7? I haven't been able to troubleshoot mine yet.
  10. There's a setting in the fn_config to tell ZCP which AI system you use. I don't think DMS is required.
  11. Your log is telling you the problem... You must have DMS installed for it to work!
  12. The quotes allow the spaces to work, with this you've also added underscores... Which would also work as long as the folder names have the underscore added too!
  13. This is happening to me too, for trash and wrecks (the scavenge classes). I have my new loot tables all set up. Edit: same behavior for me exactly. And I do not end up with an item in my inventory for the successful scavenge. Sometimes my inventory will stay up instead of flash.
  14. @jmayr2000 Ohhhh I know what that is now... That is from Occupation, it is showing you which areas AI have taken over. In Occupation's config.sqf set SC_mapMarkers to false
  15. Doh! Sorry man I skimmed to fast and missed that... I am barely getting my toes wet with coding, but I know the position commands have parameters for water mode and shore mode, I bet that you could add positioning to specific missions, and have those missions not use the default positioning code? Or maybe duplicate the positioning code (make a 2nd file and modify it to have water and shore mode adjusted, and then have the mission call that file for a position? Just thinking out loud. You've got me curious, I'll be looking at the code tomorrow... Edit: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_findSafePos Edit #2...: DMS has an underwater mission for Tanoa I believe, that should provide some answers