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  1. I have been writing down ideas for a while and a lot of it has to do with hand picking every item that can spawn, custom missions with hand picked equipment, this isn't going to be a server where everybody can be fully geared in 15 minutes. Things like TWS will either be extremely hard to come buy or not in the server at all, LRPS will be extremely hard to acquire. Loot tables are going to be fully customized. It is going to be more like Dayz when it comes to what guns you can find and where as well as accessories and the items to buy in the vendor are going to be limited, expensive and based off custom reputation levels. I want to build this experience from the ground up, im tired of the cookie cutter exile experiences. this server isn't going to be up and running in just a few days, it won't be open to public for a while. Anybody know if base building can be just as effective and fun without vector? I have a buddy that used to help the FMG server with their server that might help me when he has time, but I'm also looking for somebody who has cool ideas and or skills with custom coding? I have too many ideas to list
  2. Cool man, thank you, I appreciate your input, I will definitely check them out!
  3. I'm looking for suggestions for the best server providers to rent from. I'm looking for the best I can get for the best price. Hoping something between 40-60 slots. I'm going to be customizing myself, but I would also like to add to this project. Really trying to create an exile experience that is unique to anything that is out there. If I could make something as if tarkov, dayz and exile had a baby, that would be the goal. Going to be totally custom loot tables and prices as well as well thought out items to be sold at the vendors.
  4. Hockeybear82

    Looking for help putting a complicated server together

    First off, you are a psychopath manipulating the truth in your own head. You telling everybody I messaged you everyday telling you that you were stealing from me, nice exaggeration of the truth. I have the entire conversation saved and have let multiple people read it and give me feedback of the situation just so I wasn't handling the situation wrong. I actually never accused you of stealing until you decided to start ignoring me. I did however tell you that other people were telling me that i shouldn't pay you anymore, but I told you I was going to pay you to show that I trusted you, which was my downfall. What I did do is let you know how i didn't like how you were handling the situation and that your communication was terrible. The sociopath inside of you says that you are not to be held to any standard except your own when you are supposed to be working professionally on a paid service. That is what is supposed to happen when you accept money for a job, or do I not know how that is supposed to work? How many times did I tell you the server was broke and that we couldn't play on it and you never fixed it. Why would I continue to pay on a server after I find out the person I paid to help me turns into a toxic piece of shit who didn't want to do what he was paid to do? Like I said, you're a psycho. Waste of money that you never paid me back for, thus, you are a thief. But I'm done arguing with you dude, if you want to argue further, you can spend some of that money you stole from me on a ticket to Missouri and come argue face to face, other than that, fuck off kindly. And Floss, I don't have a server, so how can I advertise a server? I was advertising for help to build a server, is that seriously something you can't do here? Also, the reason I used his name is to help protect people against him if he is hiding around with a different name so that if there is a transaction with his paypal, they could at least possibly realize they were about to get scammed. You don't want people to know the name of the scammer?
  5. Hockeybear82

    Looking for help putting a complicated server together

    Im not advertising an existing server, I was just looking for help with putting a server together, I didn't know this was something you couldn't do? And what is with you telling me not to warn people about Mezo, that makes zero sense at all. The guy was supposed to be a trusted moderator of the mod and he turned into a piece of shit thief and you are knit picking me, really..... After he is confronted about what he did, he bugs out like an obvious guilty troll and you guys didn't ban him? And now Mezo is creeping around and somebody named Heavy like what you posted saying I can't use his name which is to clearly warn people about him so nobody else gets screwed over? You are protecting a thief, this is wrong and I was told by the creator of the mod that I could let people know about him.
  6. Hockeybear82

    Looking for help putting a complicated server together

    Yes, I have taken the guide into consideration, thank you.
  7. Hockeybear82

    Looking for help putting a complicated server together

    Okay man, have a good one.
  8. Hockeybear82

    Looking for help putting a complicated server together

    Sir, I'm glad you learned some things on your own and then with some help from the community. That is fine, I'm glad that worked for you, but it isn't really cool for you to presume to tell me what I need and that I can't have what I want/[am looking for]. I'm looking for somebody to help the way I asked with description and am willing to pay for expert help. I don't understand why you felt the need to tell me that I can't do this especially since you don't even know me. If you want to interject, lets please keep it respectful. If you don't like what I wrote, just move along, okay?
  9. Hockeybear82

    Looking for help putting a complicated server together

    I understand what you are saying, but I don't learn well from reading. I learn from doing and it is hard to do this when you don't know what you are doing. I have done some editing in notepad++, but again, that is far from knowing the ins and outs of editing and custom programming. I've heard this before and I don't need anybody else to chime in on the "learn how to do it yourself" train. I'm glad you have a guide and I hope it is helping people out there, but I don't need anybody to come in and tell me to figure it out yourself. How would you feel if every time you were online looking for some experienced help with something somebody came in and told you to figure it out for yourself. Doesn't that kind of take away from the act of actively seeking help or a service? Hey, I really need help with surgery for my brother, could you ask around and see if there is anybody out there who wouldn't mind helping out some poor people. Reply: Here, read this book and just do it yourself and stop being a lazy dumbass... Maybe you could word it differently for people and say, "hey, if you can't find anybody to help, check out this guide. I hope it helps". Do you get what I mean?
  10. I was going to put together a server a few months back, but the person who was supposed to help me ended up scamming me. He was a moderator named Mezo. He took my money and ran because he insisted he get payed upfront because he supposedly got scammed before. I took a chance and tried to be a good empathetic person and got burned by the piece of shit. By the way his name is -snip-, do not trust him, he owes me over 200 dollars. He left the exile team when he was confronted with his actions, but he could still be around under a different name. Anyways, I am looking to get back into this game again and put together a really kick ass exile server with somebodies help. What I'm looking for: Somebody who knows how to program and knows how to edit mods. I will pay for the help, but if you think I am going to pay upfront, it is not going to happen. I am not the kind of person who will scam anybody, but I understand there are people out there who don't care and won't help without getting paid first. I get it, but I'm not ever doing that again. I thought I could trust somebody who was supposed to be a trusted moderator and I lost money. It will be steam workshop mods and A3 mods only. I am also looking to make a server that is better than the -snip- server. I think the customizing I have in mind with the mods will make for an experience that apparently doesn't exist on a lot of server out there. Too many cookie cutter exile servers out there. Nothing against the mod, but it was designed to be customizable and it just seems that nobody wants to put in the time and effort to make it their own. I believe if I find the right person or people to help, it will be a great experience.
  11. I have a server rented, the person I thought wanted to help flaked out. Firstly, I am not experienced in coding, I am just full of ideas and want to build a great experience. I need somebody's help to do that though. I am not a my way or the highway kind of person for the most part so ideas and opinions are welcome. I do have general ideas for how I would like things to work, but I am flexible. I know how to edit PBO's, so far that is as far as my knowledge stretches. I think the most important part to any PVE server is the roaming AI. Having experience being able to edit this would be great. I will be willing, if everything gets put together nicely and I get the server running the way I want to, to donate to the person helping. Think of the donating as multiple tips. I can't pay anybody 500 up front, I don't have that kind of money, but I have a little extra every month that can be donated to the cause for as many months as needed. Thank you for reading. Bear
  12. Hockeybear82

    In Search Of Programmer/Script Writer

    Am in search of somebody who is like minded when it comes to putting together a Survival (possibly militarized)Arma 3 Exile server. I will be renting a server soon and am not educated enough to write myself and set everything up, but I have so many ideas. Willing to pay and donate as much as I can, but only to somebody who is really interested and won't disappear after first donation. If anybody reads this and knows somebody who might be interested, please get a hold of me as soon as possible. Appreciate you reading this. Regards, Bear