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  1. Plunsh

    Lost Isles

    Dear guys, today started our new session on our exile server! All mods you need to join our server besides Exile. Where to download Exile? Here is the link for Exile 1.0.3 : IP: Name: Lost Isles Exile |Missions|CustomLoot|ResitrctedZone|DayzStyle|Additional Mods:- JSRS- Advanced Rappelling- Urban RappellingYou´ll have to download the rest to join the server.Have fun!Official Trailer:
  2. Plunsh

    AC ExileZ Chernarus

    not active
  3. Plunsh

    Monsoon script

    Dear guys, i want to install the following script: I did everything i have to do to install the script and it works fine on Altis or Tanoa Life but not on exile. I think it´s gettin overwritten by the normal exile weather? not sure tho. Any ideas? Best regards