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    Starting server assistance

    Thanks guys, i'll take your advice and keep working, this has been a ongoing mission for months. On another note, do i now need to go thru and remove all the animation scripting and change them all using the eden option now that it is available? My biggest reason for asking for assistance - Is there a reason a majority of exile servers have such "lack-luster" (to put it nicely) trader zones? Is there an place-able object count that effects performance? How much is too much?
  2. Hey all, i've been playing exile for quite some time, and have really wanted to start my own server. With that being said, i have been working on a map for around 3months and feel like im missing huge pieces of information regarding building a exile mission, server optimization, and general mission making basics. Im really here seeking guidance on making my "perfect" exile server actually work and run well. If anyone would like to help the process and can offer me information i would greatly appreciate it! If you would like to help tutor me, i would be forever in debt, and we can help create another great server for the community! Thanks everyone! Add me on steam :D

    Extended Base Mod

    Thank you so much for answering Basically for everyone who is still unclear, it is a decoration piece for a hanging storage crate, with 5000 capacity. I was under the impression it might be a craftable sling loadable object.

    Extended Base Mod

    Is there any documentation for what the "Airhook" does? How to use it? Restrictions using it (ie has to be a ghosthawk or bigger)? Crate capacity?