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  1. MrUnique93

    Base Respawn

    I haven't checked if they appear again, after some time. But they are deffo gone after a player used it
  2. MrUnique93

    Base Respawn

    @Super Jerome Im having some issues with the base spawn script or perhaps its set wrong for me. When a player dies, and respawns at 1 spawn point, that exact one disappears from the list. How do i adjust that, and what settings is possible?
  3. MrUnique93

    Base Respawn

    Hows this script? Can you spawn at base no matter what? Or is there some sort of limit? @Super Jerome
  4. MrUnique93

    Flag Hacking 1.0.4

    I added as you wrote @kuplion in the init.sqf, made the folders, dropped off the files in those separate folders. Added [] execVM "Custom\EnigmaRevive\init.sqf"; [] execVM "Custom\StatusBar\statusBar_init.sqf"; [] execVM "R3F_LOG\init.sqf"; [] execVM "ClaimVehicles_Client\ClaimVehicles_Client_init.sqf"; [] execVM "Custom\HaloParachute\init.sqf"; // Compile all the things!! { _code = ""; _function = _x select 0; _file = _x select 1; _code = compileFinal (preprocessFileLineNumbers _file); missionNamespace setVariable [_function, _code]; } forEach [ // Server ["ExileServer_object_flag_network_hackFlagRequest","Custom\FlagHacking\ServerFiles\ExileServer_object_flag_network_hackFlagRequest.sqf"], ["ExileServer_object_flag_network_startFlagHackRequest","Custom\FlagHacking\ServerFiles\ExileServer_object_flag_network_startFlagHackRequest.sqf"], ["ExileServer_object_flag_network_updateFlagHackAttemptRequest","Custom\FlagHacking\ServerFiles\ExileServer_object_flag_network_updateFlagHackAttemptRequest.sqf"], // Client ["ExileClient_action_hackFlag_aborted","Custom\FlagHacking\ClientFiles\ExileClient_action_hackFlag_aborted.sqf"], ["ExileClient_action_hackFlag_completed","Custom\FlagHacking\ClientFiles\ExileClient_action_hackFlag_completed.sqf"], ["ExileClient_action_hackFlag_condition","Custom\FlagHacking\ClientFiles\ExileClient_action_hackFlag_condition.sqf"], ["ExileClient_action_hackFlag_duration","Custom\FlagHacking\ClientFiles\ExileClient_action_hackFlag_duration.sqf"], ["ExileClient_action_hackFlag_failChance","Custom\FlagHacking\ClientFiles\ExileClient_action_hackFlag_failChance.sqf"], ["ExileClient_action_hackFlag_failed","Custom\FlagHacking\ClientFiles\ExileClient_action_hackFlag_failed.sqf"] ]; config.cpp - class HackFlag: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Hack Flag"; condition = "(getNumber(missionConfigFile >> 'CfgFlagHacking' >> 'enableHacking') isEqualTo 1) && ('Exile_Item_Laptop' in (magazines player)) && !ExilePlayerInSafezone"; action = "['HackFlag', _this select 0] call ExileClient_action_execute"; }; under class Flag and added addional files in the config.cpp. Still not possible to "hack flag" when you are next to it.
  5. MrUnique93

    Flag Hacking 1.0.4

    Maybe im too tired, how do i compile this?
  6. MrUnique93

    Flag Hacking 1.0.4

    The serverfiles, where do i have to drop them? in the main directory?
  7. MrUnique93

    Unique Exile militarized

    This server maintains all kind of military vehicles, you would want. Strongly balanced, theres counters for everything. We are a fast growing server, launched at 28th of March. And getting inbetween 35-50 players on peak.
  8. MrUnique93

    Adding network messages

    Hey @alexslx, could i see how you created this? I got the issue myself on my current server.
  9. MrUnique93

    Vybor Military Camp

    How do i mark the military base on map? so people know its there
  10. MrUnique93

    Vybor Military Camp

    Upload it on Gibhub :-D
  11. MrUnique93

    Vybor Military Camp

    Broken link, id love to add this tho