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    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    I just tried adding this mod for the last several weeks, and have had some progress. Been able to have a persistent Black SUV that maintains inventory, but I am still getting errors. Errors: Also, I have been unable in the config.cpp to spawn multiple types of vehicles as I would like to. Using the line: ["RandomVehicles", ["Exile_Car_SUVXL_Black"], 0.5, 100] Works. Using the lines: ["RandomVehicles", ["Exile_Car_SUVXL_Black"], 0.5, 4], ["RandomChopper", ["Exile_Chopper_HummingBird_Green"], 0.5, 4] Does not work. I've tried varying vehicle types and am met with zero success. And YES, I have updated my Accounts table in my database to add the UID RandomChopper, just like was required with RandomVehicles to assign ownership of these vehicles. Does anyone have advice? Also, it seems to set my ammo column to [any] after a server restart generating errors involving that. Yes, I did run the SQL Query UPDATE vehicle SET ammo='[]' I have used many versions of AVS 1.0.1 RC 3 is the only one i've had any success with. Ive tried 1.0.0, 1.4.4, 1.4.5. AVS 1.4.5 says its compatible with EXTDb3, which is an error in the word usage of compatible as it should say required. Unless i am missing something because everytime i try to use 1.4.5 it tells me ERROR Missing EXTDb3. Perhaps, the labeling for that mod version should say EXTDb3 Required, otherwise the statement is rather inaccurate. i've read through these 60 some posts numerous times, any help would be greatly appreciated. I can honestly link my SQL database if necessary.
  2. Charizard77

    AVS troubles

    Hi, fellas.... So i've been working extremely hard( 2+ weeks) trying to get AVS to work on my exile server and I have been having some luck but not the degree of success i am looking for. I have installed many versions ranging from 1.0.1 RC3 to 1.4.4 to 1.4.5. Now I understand 1.4.5 requires EXTDB3 even though it just says compatible. I have been so far able to get one type of vehicle, the black SUV XL, to spawn under the random vehicle spawn parameters. Any time i try to add to the class array( add a different set of vehicles to spawn) or copy the input line in the .cfg I end up with no vehicles even though my database populates. Yes, I have run the SQL Query for set ammo '[]' and even wiped the vehicle database and ensured that I have a player UID set to assign vehicle ownership to. I have tried making multiple UID's such as RandomHatch, RandomTruck to assign different vehicle types to a consistent amount and damage. I have read the mod page front to back several times and am having troubles. The mod Inits, Hooks, Connects to the database, but i still have problems. Any suggestions people? This mod is critical to the environment I want to set. I can post any relevant files upon request. Perhaps, I am using the wrong version?
  3. Charizard77

    MarXet Deplyment Issues

    Awesome man!
  4. Charizard77

    MarXet Deplyment Issues
  5. Charizard77

    Custom Loot Positions

    Thanks, mike. I had a sneaking suspicion that might be the case. So theres essentially no way to create a loot beacon and hide it from players. Damn. Maybe I'll build my CQC maze with little shacks set to radiation loot then. Thanks so much for the confirmation mike. You dah man.
  6. Charizard77

    Custom Loot Positions

    So Recently, I used Custom loot positions to generate loot positions relative to an object that did not have loot positions in VR. Made the necessary edits to config.cpp of exile_server_config and initserver of Exile.ALtis. I've searched the forums for previous posts for syntax and cannot identify any differences between my code and theres. Some of my custom buildings that I've added that have loot positions do spawn loot(military cargo towers). All buildings are not simple objects and Simulation is enabled. I basically just wanted to create a maze using the shootwalls to encourage CQC and looting, but with no loot spawning theres no incentive to use this new area. So i figured I'd make an invisible loot beacon to spawn loot in my shoot maze. I know the coordinates are object relative so... Here is what I added to config.cpp class CfgBuildings { /////////////////////////////////////////////////// // looot beacon // /////////////////////////////////////////////////// class VR_GroundIcon_01_F { table = "Radiation"; positions[] = {{1.48047, -0.32373, 1}, {0.305664, 1.24072, 1}}; }; }; Any reason this is not working out for me? I've been at it for almost a week now making slight changes. Let me know if you want to see any other files. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Charizard77

    MarXet Deplyment Issues

    The problem is definitely in your Traders.sqf, as that is what spawns the trader clientside, me thinks; As your mod is being initialized correctly. I just installed this last week succesfully, and your adjustments look similar to mine. Keep playing around with Traders.sqf. Thats about the only advice I can offer.