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  1. Added optional markers if you wanted to show caves on the map.
  2. I have been working on several projects for my servers and wanted to share my current one. I remember back in Arma 2 Epoch I played on a server (Chernarus) that had a full cave to the NE on the coast. I still remember sitting near my fire in my cave crafting away feeling safe. Nothing has fully satisfied my need to have caves in Arma 3 so i decided to make some. There will be 11 caves in total. The first locations are: Pirates Retreat (North island chain), Georgetown Historical Cave, Surface Mine Historical Cave Next locations: Yasa Island, Cerebu, Small Southern Island, Katkoula, Tobakoro, Ile Saint-George, Northern rim of Mt. Tanoa, Yani Islets https://github.com/broid23/Death-at-Dawn-Caves-Tanoa-Edition Here are a few images:
  3. Make sure you change this to false or it will default to the Apex class vehicles at the bottom of the file even if you change the vehicles. SC_useApexClasses = false;
  4. I know it is a little late, but wouldn't you need the RscDefines.hpp file that is located in the mission after the 1.0.4 update? I know it refers to all the xm8 stuff. I really like the map by Aussie and would love to use it for a militarized Exile server. I was surprised not to see any new mission files. This map should be used more in my opinion. Here is a copy of the file from one of my servers. Maybe that will help.
  5. No it's an exact match within the scripts folder in occupation. Everything seems to be working correctly, I'm just getting that error on Altis only.
  6. After watching my servers for a few days I noticed something strange. After you updated the github files to reflect the changes to DeleteMapMarkers.sqf, I still get this error on Altis I do not see the error at all on my Cherno Redux server. I wanted to watch them both for a while just to make sure it wasn't just a fluke. I wanted to let you know. I thought it was a strange finding.
  7. Awesome thanks! This looks like it will be just fine. I will try it and my next restart for sure. It's not a major deal, but I noticed in the readme for sounds it might be confuse some with the file extension. I picked it up right away, but figured you had it that way for a reason... class CfgSounds { #include "sound\sound_farty\sound.ext" #include "sound\sound_screamer\sound.ext" #include "sound\sound_sparky\sound.ext" #include "sound\sound_strigoi\sound.ext" }; I understood you wanted to call on the .hpp files but at first the server couldn't find the files but it was a easy thing to spot. Thank you so much for taking a look for me. Great work thus far!
  8. Here's the deleteMapMarker.sqf I have. I used the one provided in the script. https://pastebin.com/6KPLKvMr
  9. Noticed I have this in the rpt. Is this just something to ignore?
  10. ok I figured out what I did. Stupid mistake as usual. I adjusted the config and it did the trick. Once again thanks for the work you put in. I like having unique stuff to do. Here's my config that seems to work for me. https://pastebin.com/hKtaDAGC After testing I can tell you did a lot of good work on the update. Once I remove smoke on the crates I will be all set.
  11. I installed this with no issues when you first released it, but after reinstalling it with the recent update I can't seem to get the missions to spawn. I know before I had them set at static locations and that worked fine. That step was removed from the new install instructions. Has it changed? I have tried to set static to false and true with nothing spawning. As usual I'm sure I'm overlooking something. Also, I would like to remove the smoke from the crates because when players sell them at the waste dump the smoke persists until server restart. It seems R3f loading and adding crate selling does something that makes the smoke stay at the trader. With blastcore enabled it really put on a show lol. I will provide my config. Maybe I goofed something up. occupation config https://pastebin.com/KGgsuP3K Thanks for a great addition to the game. Things like this keep things fresh. I added these to a militarized server and so far players liked them, and that was before the changes you made to improve it. I just can't get them spawning again. Any suggestions would help!
  12. watermark

    I have to admit guys mine looks transparent as well. It's driving me crazy. I made mine in Adobe and converted it to .paa. Tried all different sizes suggested keeping things square. I've attempted everything and still get the faint shadow. So strange. Anyone solve this issue. I know it's a simple mistake I am making, but I am out of ideas. Edit: I made several more logos testing things. I made a logo without the transparent background and saved it as a .png and then converted it to .paa as before. That one works so it boils down to I am doing something wrong when saving a .png with a transparent background. I do plenty of graphic design, but I'm not sure why it turns the entire logo transparent as a .paa.
  13. Hello All! I appreciate the work. It really helps server owners like myself that have other skill sets and lack editor knowledge. It really helps me keep the server somewhat fresh. Thank you!! I got everything to work the first time no problem, but my issue is I am getting two carriers that spawn. One is on the ocean floor and parts of it are blocking the lockers area. @wilderness mentioned it was possibly being called twice using the initserver.sqf. Will removing that bit fix this issue? Will it still work if the initserver part is removed? I see two on the map as well. The top carrier is perfect and the other is slightly askew and on ocean floor. On a side note, I use HAFM ships and subs on my servers. They are massive and if someone has the Freedom set-up with a boat trader added that would be awesome! I find using the carrier is the best way to spawn the massive ships to keep them from blowing up due to the bays being to shallow. Any suggestions can really help. Thank you!
  14. I will definitely take a look. Thank you!! I'm having issues with my current map and the spawns. Players report being killed upon respawn from time to time and looting bodies is a problem. Maybe this one will make everyone happy and the custom traders sound nice! Any pictures to share of the custom stuff?