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  1. exilerist

    how to force mods on

    Hello. Addons section should looks something like that at least. Good luck.
  2. exilerist

    Ai movement and proper directories to set them up

    Hello. I think, you have to spawn the AIs via Occupation. Good luck.
  3. exilerist

    How do i get my map markers?

    Hello. Take this. This code was fully functional a few years ago. Good luck.
  4. exilerist

    More randomness in ordinary Exile's world.

    Hello. @WolfkillArcadia Maybe this idea is worth something? Good luck.
  5. exilerist

    [SOLVED] ExileClient_object_vehicle_drain.sqf

    Hello. @WolfkillArcadia I'll try to explain, sorry for my English. Good luck. Thanks for your efforts.
  6. exilerist

    [SOLVED] ExileClient_object_vehicle_drain.sqf

    Hello. @WolfkillArcadia I don't want advertise servers or mods, so I've decided to go private. I've added you in a private conversation. Have you received a PM? Good luck.
  7. exilerist

    [SOLVED] ExileClient_object_vehicle_drain.sqf

    Hello. I can't help financially, so though I will help finding bugs. :-) Good luck.
  8. Hello. Sorry for inconvenience. It's not a question, but rather a solution. Maybe this bug already known, maybe don't. If you don't have enough space in your inventory, you'll do not receive full and lost empty canisters. I hope this code is right. Actually, I have bad experience with crafting breaching charges too. So all components have been removed, but the charge hasn't been added. Maybe ExileClient_util_inventory_canExchangeItems logic do not work properly all the time and ExileClient_util_playerCargo_canAdd logic should be added? Maybe it depends on 3rd party mods. I hope you'll fix this issue in the next release. Thanks for your efforts. Good luck.
  9. exilerist

    [Solved]Auto refuel

    Hello. So, you have this set to true? And have all your gas stations classes listed here? Good luck.
  10. exilerist

    [Solved]Auto refuel

    Hello! Look at this. Good luck.
  11. exilerist

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hello. Here you go. Good luck.
  12. exilerist

    Не работает Авто запуск

    Hello. Try this. Good luck.
  13. exilerist

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    There are 2 ways, as I know. If your mission load buildings from external file like this. You can change this file in this way, but you should be aware about performance impact, if you have a lot of objects. Another way is to convert "object" files into "M3E_3DEN" format. In this format you can issue simulation directive for the objects separately. In this case you have to change mission file. Should be another ways, do some search. ;-) Good luck.
  14. exilerist

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hello! Here it is. Good luck.