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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

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  1. Hello. @WolfkillArcadia Maybe this idea is worth something? Good luck.
  2. Hello. @WolfkillArcadia I'll try to explain, sorry for my English. Good luck. Thanks for your efforts.
  3. Hello. @WolfkillArcadia I don't want advertise servers or mods, so I've decided to go private. I've added you in a private conversation. Have you received a PM? Good luck.
  4. Hello. I can't help financially, so though I will help finding bugs. :-) Good luck.
  5. Hello. Sorry for inconvenience. It's not a question, but rather a solution. Maybe this bug already known, maybe don't. If you don't have enough space in your inventory, you'll do not receive full and lost empty canisters. I hope this code is right. Actually, I have bad experience with crafting breaching charges too. So all components have been removed, but the charge hasn't been added. Maybe ExileClient_util_inventory_canExchangeItems logic do not work properly all the time and ExileClient_util_playerCargo_canAdd logic should be added? Maybe it depends on 3rd party mods. I hope you'll fix this issue in the next release. Thanks for your efforts. Good luck.
  6. Hello. So, you have this set to true? And have all your gas stations classes listed here? Good luck.
  7. Hello! Look at this. Good luck.
  8. Hello. Here you go. Good luck.
  9. Hello. Try this. Good luck.
  10. There are 2 ways, as I know. If your mission load buildings from external file like this. You can change this file in this way, but you should be aware about performance impact, if you have a lot of objects. Another way is to convert "object" files into "M3E_3DEN" format. In this format you can issue simulation directive for the objects separately. In this case you have to change mission file. Should be another ways, do some search. ;-) Good luck.
  11. Hello! Here it is. Good luck.
  12. Hello! @MGTDB Thanks for this fix. What was the root cause? I diffed files a little and did not notice serious changes. Could you please explain in more simple manner for dummies, please. :-) Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello there. Try this. Good luck.
  14. Hello there. Just use search next time. Good luck.
  15. Hello there. Try to fix startup string, should be like this. You have problem with SQL server or DB itself. Check your extdb-conf.ini. Good luck.