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  1. targetlock

    Wire Transfer Script

    I also had a DB update problem, but it worked very well since the patch. XD
  2. targetlock

    Wire Transfer Script

    Thank you for letting me know nice guys
  3. targetlock

    Wire Transfer Script

    Okay, thanks for the answer. And a very nice script. XD
  4. targetlock

    Wire Transfer Script

    Great script !! However, there is no way to determine how much the recipient has received the message. Any thoughts?
  5. targetlock

    [RELEASE] ExileMod Re-Arm/Repair (New Release 16/09/18!)

    Set the top-level class value to "StaticWeapon" :D Reference
  6. targetlock

    [RELEASE] ExileMod Re-Arm/Repair (New Release 16/09/18!)

    Did you install a mortar or machine gun in the service point range and activate it with the Service Point Action menu?
  7. targetlock

    [RELEASE] ExileMod Re-Arm/Repair (New Release 16/09/18!)

    I found another problem. If you register an object class value in the buildingObjects = entry in config, the object branch will not be applied to the object added by the editor or extended base. This is my mistake! It will still work after you disable vmsSafeZoneCheck and vmsTerritoryCheck options. Sorry
  8. targetlock

    [RELEASE] ExileMod Re-Arm/Repair (New Release 16/09/18!)

    I had the same problem. I deleted the vmsAmmoBlackList = item and added it to vmsAmmoBlackList = []; And the ammunition value was obtained.
  9. targetlock

    Help please. Automatic family when first joining the server

    thankyou Sir!! i wanted is it!!
  10. targetlock

    Automatic garage storage of destroyed vehicles

    Could you please tell me more specific ways? i need to modify the Server \ @ExileServer \ extDB \ sql_custom_v2 \ exile.ini file or modify the sql statement on the workbench?
  11. targetlock

    Automatic garage storage of destroyed vehicles

    Thanks again for your advice. I realized that the idea I originally mentioned was impossible to implement, and I will look for other ways. Thanks!
  12. targetlock

    Automatic garage storage of destroyed vehicles

    First of all, I sincerely appreciate your feedback on my opinion. My server is a PvE server that is accessible only to a small number of users. The server rules themselves do not allow stealing cars, and there are ways to track and punish stolen logs. And the vehicle lock script is already implemented. There are already a number of pharming elements applied to multiple scripts to maintain balance. Within the scope of survival I'm always join while the server is running Therefore, it is possible to process real-time DB even if there is an abnormality or defect in the vehicle position. There seems to be a way to solve all the problems mentioned above. I hope my server people are not unhappy as an unusual phenomenon. With a pure heart
  13. hello everyone A lot of vehicles are destroyed by physical engine bugs on my running server. I do not want to betray the efforts of friends visiting my server. When the vehicle is destroyed, it is deleted from the DB, but I want to change it so that it can be stored in a exad virtual garage. The price of the vehicle will be very high, but I want to make it permanent when I buy it once. However, I am having difficulty because I am not a script or DB expert. What I think is 1. Unlock exad virtual garage range 2. When the vehicle is destroyed, it is stored in the garage without being deleted from the DB. 2-1. If you can not prevent deletion from the DB, create separate schemas and save and load them separately. 3. Remove existing vehicles wrecks and recall them via xm8 garage menu I wonder what the opinion is on how I am thinking.
  14. targetlock

    Spawning in grass

    I had the same problem. I have solved the above problem. I do not know which is the problem, but if the framework is not installed properly, it seems that Mysql does not work with the client.
  15. targetlock

    Object for trainer

    hi everyone~! I want to know how to get the Trade action menu to deal with merchants when accessing certain objects Instead of placing coordinates on the map Is there a way to deal with furniture that can be placed in the territory? Anyone who knows how to ask for help