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  1. Hi there, I'm looking for YouTubers which would like to help in a new Dayz project. Before responding make sure to: - Have a decent microphone - Be 17 or older - Own the Apex DLC (Other DLC's not required.) Please send your YouTube channel link in the commands if interested. Also, if you would like to help out with some normal recordings you could also send me a DM. Age or channel doesn't matter. We already have a decent team but I would love to expand it a bit more. - Thomas
  2. I don't think so, could you explain what you mean in more detail?
  3. Hello, I'm going to try and break down this weird error with you guys. 1. I can join the server just after a restart, my friends can't join. 2. If I restart, let my friend join first, I won't be enable to get in either together with my friend. What happens when the error happens: 1. You get stuck on the loading screen or you'll get a missing texture error which you can't close. Here is a small part of the log with an error a guy found on Discord: 22:05:59 Server error: Player without identity [PNG]ThatGuYouKnow (id 1789416725) 22:07:26 Starting mission: 22:07:26 Mission file: Exile (cur_mp) 22:07:26 Mission world: Esseker 22:07:26 Mission directory: mpmissions\cur_mp.Esseker\ 22:07:28 No more slot to add connection at 032008 (3258.4,7991.3) Full logs: https://pastebin.com/vHmsbia1 Server information: Mods: Exile, Esseker, infiSTAR, cups maps/core. Running on a bought server from Host Havoc
  4. Exile.Esseker
  5. Okey, So I'm trying to get esseker working for my arma 3 private server. Here is all the information: Map/exile/cup_core: https://gyazo.com/cf1f7ba05214d6feef81ea37ca2c4eea server config: https://gyazo.com/9a0af03379ddd9d37306bf5e5fe86ef1 missions config: 1. https://gyazo.com/e1944877e54a4757c6308f0ab0e2bd2a 2. https://gyazo.com/9830978a6a88e073ffa337e420ce0cb0 Commandline: https://gyazo.com/74aa3f6c9683bd5d13df0893f508a6a4 Error message: https://gyazo.com/de148df4c197f34b205f99c52028984e Also "Esseker" doesn't show up at mods when clicking on the server: https://gyazo.com/492874f47481ac0a96363a5172c66e81 Anyone knows what's wrong? - Thomas