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  1. Great thanks, that seemed to fix the issue.
  2. I just installed this map.. everything starts and seems to work fine.. but.. I noticed this error. 15:03:10 Mission Exile.LYTHIUM: Number of roles (60) is different from 'description.ext::Header::maxPlayer' (100) Would anyone know where to look to fix it? It doesnt seem to be a major issue.. Also would anyone know if ExileZ work with the map? I installed it but the loot and death was always at the bottom of the map, or off the map.
  3. Just wondering if you have a rearm, repair, refuel Vehicle and you want to have the person pay for fuel, ammo, repair, where would you put it to force payment. currently I have put a vehicle in vmsRefuelingObjects = "rhsusf_M1078A1R_SOV_M2_D_fmtv_socom" and in buildingObjects But it seems to auto rearm, refuel etc when parked next to it, I would like to stop that from happening automatically.
  4. Wow, Thanks Aussie Battler, this will do just fine, I will make the changes and also give the AI patrol AT launchers, so that should stop people dead in their tracks..
  5. Does this still work? Edit.. I think I found why it wasn't working.. the bottom part of the text is missing a [ Should be ["InfoTitleAndText",[_nahBruh]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast;
  6. Just wondering if there was any way for the occupyLootCrates not to populate anything inside them until all the AI guards for that crate were killed.. I have far to many people zooming in, grabbing the crate and leaving without killing anyone. Also where do I find the timer and distance for the loot crate marker? I would like to decrease how long before the circle disappears.
  7. Slider

    Track AI Kills

    Would anyone know if the addition of temperature and wetness would now stop the Stats from working correctly? For some reason when you kill AI your kills are not recorded but deaths are.
  8. Slider

    [solved] Tanks DLC - Adding the Custom CAMO

    Did you have to do anything with Infistar? Only reason I asked is because I spawned a few different Vehicles in, and I saw the Netting on them for an instant and then it vanished.. In the Infistar Log I see: RE FUNCTION: fn_infiSTAR_RE_SERVER_remHandle - not on white-list! around the matching time.. but I have no idea what that is. Ok, It seems its the spawning in that is the issue.. When you buy the Vehicle its working fine.
  9. Slider

    [solved] Tanks DLC - Adding the Custom CAMO

    Is there anything needed to be added to get an action Item so you can deploy the camo netting? I have added in the extras as on previous page but cant seem to get it working.. Thanks for the effort. I look forward to getting it working..
  10. It seems Infistar is blocking the opening of the script. From the Surv Log, its blocking IDD 9123
  11. Yeah thats not really an option, as its part of the map.. I think I will go with putting down an invisible Helipad and see if that works. Also would it be possible to only trigger the SVP when in a Vehicle? If your on foot it shouldn't trigger the notifications. Agree with @KyleGD, the colours are hard on the eyes especially if a bright day in the desert..
  12. @Bones51 Its a fantastic script.. I have noticed though that if you have multiple fuel pumps, 2 things happen. 1. You get flooded with notifications that your in range, or out of range when leaving the area.. 2. You get multiple Vehicle service point options when middle mouse.. As per attached picture. If there anyway for the script not to put multiple selection options? Also If you want to use a non standard fuel pump, I Believe the Australia map uses different pumps where would you put the pump name to get it working?
  13. Slider

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Check in the config.sqf, Under the section marked /*Mission Marker settings*/ around line 79.
  14. Slider

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    Ahh that would be a no.. Not sure where you would put that information. So I guess thats why its not working..
  15. Slider

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    @El Rabito Thanks that works. Another question, how do you get the AI to call in Artillery? I have it set to 30 at the moment just to test it, but nothing happens, I have sat on a hill harassing the AI thinking they would call it in.. but as yet Nada.. and its been 10 min. I changed it in AISettingsV3.hpp VCM_ARTYDELAY = 30; //Delay between squads requesting artillery