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  1. I just created ItemListMozzie.hpp and added then within TraderCategoriesMozzie.hpp It shows up in the traders and is buyable.
  2. Not having issues with Vehicles, but safes and crates are not keeping items after a restart. No errors found, so not sure what is going on... Fresh install of Chernaus
  3. add the AA launchers into the AT list..
  4. Would anyone know how to fix this issue? ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Australia\config.cpp, line 7116: .XM8_App01_Button: Undefined base class 'RscExileXM8AppButton1x1' I noticed that in the Kuplion config.cpp within the Australia.pbo file, was missing anything to do with XM8, I guess as its 1.03. So I just copied the XM8 stuff from an Altis.pbo and now it throws that error.. Do I need to change or add something else in another file?
  5. Ok perfect thanks
  6. Ok, great happy its still alive. Just need the mission pbo now and I should be all set. Thanks for letting me know where to get it
  7. Just a quick question, If I want a Vehicle to be sellable but not buyable at traders, would I just have it in the list as such class rhsusf_m113_usarmy_unarmed { quality = 1; sellPrice = 12000; };
  8. Would anyone have and be willing to share their Australia Map with all the traders and spawn points in them that is 1.04? I am going to have a new map and would like to use Australia and cant find it anywhere.
  9. Is there anyway to limit the amount of AI per session? 2 or 3 max per session would be ideal
  10. Just found an interesting little thing. It seems the AI will jump into locked Vehicles, and if you put them into the drivers seat, they can drive off with it. If you then take it to your base, you are able to Store the Vehicle.. I am not sure about selling at traders but I would suspect it would be possible. So it leaves it open for people to steal other players vehicles and Store or sell them.. Ok if its PVP I guess.. but not so much on PVE as usually you not allowed to steal from players.
  11. They Look Awesome
  12. https://github.com/ravmustang/eXpochVectorBuild4Exile
  13. @MetalHead, Ok thanks I will have another look.
  14. Im using the SeanJSOS version and have been for awhile, But now it seems that everyone can spawn at their base regardless to their base level, I have this in the initPlayerLocal.sqf as instructed below, but since the update it doesn't seem to be working, has anyone else run into this?
  15. I downloaded the latest from the Github as I have had several requests for AI base raids not just the corrupt police as in Occupation, so I figured this would be the thing to achieve that, so I am running both at the moment. Is there any plans in putting the functionality and bits from A3XAI into Occupation? I would rather have 1 script to manage everything AI related rather than be running 2. So a couple of questions, Once the player level triggers the AI, will they actually attack and hunt players in bases? as I haven't seen this yet I also noticed a section covering UAVs, Do they just fly around and look nice or will they actually target players as well? and in what form? UAVs will drop bombs or fire missiles?