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    Graphical Firearms Glitch

    I have a chernarus server running the following mods DS Houses Extended Base Mod CUP Core CUP Terrains TAC Vests TRYK Multiplayer Uniforms Since I built and launched the server about 1-2 months ago I've encountered a weird graphical bug that only affects some firearms. The loaded mag and the tip of the barrel appear a few feet above the gun and also affect the iron sights where they rapidly appear and disappear in first person view. It affects the m107, ak 107 , ak 74, and KSVK (only the iron sights in 1st person) as far as I can tell. Initially I didn't really care about it but population has increased and several of them are twitch streamers and I need to correct this. If anyone has any idea what could be causing it please let me know. Images are below. You can see the gun parts floating above it. They follow the gun wherever it goes.
  2. 4amMadman

    Cherno Redux: Soviet Invasion

    Tactical Rabbits Coalition: Chernarus Redux PVP Server Following the 2042 nuclear war in the Balkans, the belligerent Russian Federation re-organized into a Neo-Soviet bloc of states and began exerting its remaining power on neighboring nations. Neo-Soviet backed militia forces increase tensions in the small border state of Chernarus as a pretense to seize petroleum resources. Neo-Soviet militias clash against the wasteland dwelling Pro-Chernorussian nationalist faction in the wake of the nuclear fallout. Features: Chernarus Redux: the ultimate in post-apocalypse Chernarus maps. Engaging PVP. Custom painting for base walls,bags, uniforms and vehicles. Vector building. Custom extended base mod pricing structure. Capture points. Custom view distance app. Movable crates & boxes. Player revive system. Vehicle repair & refuel. Mission system. A3 Launcher listed: get all of your mods in one place and log on. Embedded PUBG styled compass HUD. Custom spawn points. Our highly active staff are adults that understand the value of customer service. Custom trade zones hand built by our team to fit our server theme. Custom stats bars and modified Exile UI. 60 player slots Part of a greater gaming community of 400 members. Never play alone! 4 hour restart. Required Mods: Exile Mod Extended Base Mod Frith's Ruin CUP Terrains - Core DS Houses Chernarus Redux TRYK's Multiplay Uniforms TAC Vests Optional Mods: Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling About Tactical Rabbits Coalition: Tactical Rabbit Coalition (TRC) was founded at the beginning 2017 by members with deep roots in the ARMA community. Our founding staff members met on community servers and saw that none of those servers provided a stable environment conducive to a player's needs. We operate an Exile server, several Patrol Ops mod servers as well as sponsor an in-house competitive PUBG team, community XBOX division with intent to expand to new game servers. Come for the games, stay for the community! Website: www.tacticalrabbits.com Server Rules: rules Discord: discord.me/tacticalrabbits Exile Server IP: Port: 2342
  3. 4amMadman

    Error Code 12?

    Any chance anyone has an idea of what is causing this error message? Everything's been working fine on my test server and this morning this error message started. Seems to happen during the purchase of any and all vehicles so I'm guessing its DB related. Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  4. So I'm running Exad's suite of xm8 based apps. Exad has the ability to add extra apps that (once the idd's are allowed by infistar) will show as an xm8 app button and can be triggered. The code for the app in question is like so: Is it possible to have this script start on player load in as a sort of default UI element, rather than players having to click the button on the tablet to trigger it?
  5. 4amMadman

    Changing safe pop tab capacity.

    Does anyone have a copy of the script that beowulf mentions here: The link is down and I don't see anything in his repositories. Hoping one of you have it floating around.
  6. 4amMadman

    Changing safe pop tab capacity.

    Yeah I'm primarily intending to change the safe amount.
  7. 4amMadman

    Make a script run as part of default UI?

    That's so simple I dunno why I didn't think of it. Thanks so much.
  8. 4amMadman

    ARMA Internet Radio [HELP]

    Would it be possible to perform this feature but attach to an object and call a sound file that's serverside? Perhaps in @exileserver\addons? I've got sound files I'd like to use but they're huge compared to say the 10mb or so that a mission file tends to be.
  9. 4amMadman

    [Release] Walker's A2 Vehicles

    yeah I would love to see this on a3
  10. 4amMadman

    Chernarus Map Limitations

    This is my first time running a map that wasn't some form of island. It didn't occur to me that there are no barriers to restrict players from going "off map" on CUP Core/Terrains version of Chernarus. Was wondering if there's a quick fix or method of limiting players to the textured segment of the map. The idea of bases being setup off map sort of ruins the whole game mod. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Is it possible to place invisible walls? Or a set square/rectangular radiation zone(s)?
  11. 4amMadman

    Chernarus Map Limitations

    Quick question. We're now testing a build for Chernarus Redux. The above radiation zone you've linked has ceased to work. Worked great on Chernarus but not Redux. This mission file is converted from the pbo for our current live server. ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update.sqf is where it's supposed to be in mission folder. The following line is in class CfgExileCustomCode: ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update = "ExileClient_system_radiation_thread_update.sqf"; //Off-Map Radiation Kill Zone and the following is from class CfgExileEnvironment: Yet the contaminated zone is not working. I'm assuming this is because it's not reading the map properly? Perhaps because it's "class Chernarus" and not "class Chernarus Redux" ? Any insight?
  12. 4amMadman

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    I've had xsSpawn working since release and I love it. The one problem I'm having is background image size for the respawn screen. Literally every image I've used was a photoshopped .png converted to .paa. I've used 2048x2048, 1920x1080, 1024x1024 and 1024x512 and no matter what size it seems to blow the image up so large that you can only see the top right corner of it whole image which now basically continues offscreen. See image. Is there any fix for this? What is the proper dimension? Thanks in advanced.
  13. So I'm building some new trade zones and have been playing around with the animations for traders. I keep encountering this issue where a trader will float or not intersect the object when the sit and lean animations are used. It seems that no matter how you position the npc they will float on initialization or (in the case of lean) move into position but be several feet out/away from the object they are meant to be near. I've tried disabling item simulation or making the item a simple object. I keep encountering this with lean, sit and sit high. I'm using 3den Enhanced if it makes any difference. Is there any way around this at all?
  14. 4amMadman

    Arma 1.76 Bugs Megathread!! READ THE RULES!!

    Should I take this to mean we're in the clear?
  15. 4amMadman


    Github link is not working, dont' see it on your repositories either. Any chance you can repost?
  16. 4amMadman

    Graphical Firearms Glitch

    Gotcha. Well thank you guys for you help.
  17. 4amMadman

    Graphical Firearms Glitch

    didn't they just add the ksvk/m107 in the most recent update to exile??
  18. 4amMadman

    Graphical Firearms Glitch

    these are guns from the exile mod. We don't have any weapons mods
  19. 4amMadman

    Big Domo bug

    You personally can't do anything unless you're the admin with database access.
  20. This was a random one. Running CUP Core/Terrains Chernarus map, Open Chernarus Project, TRYK/TAC Vests, Extended base Mod. When a player presses L to turn on car lights the following happens: Note the big black squares. Seems to be happening on only the lada_taxi and the UAZ. Any ideas?
  21. 4amMadman

    Vehicle headlights animate as black boxes?

    Must be CUP Terrains/Core. I can't account for it anywhere else. The vehicles are directly from exile. It's only affecting the lada taxi and uaz. I've never seen it happen before.
  22. 4amMadman

    Hellfire for admins

    welp....definitely installing this.
  23. 4amMadman

    Issues with Aircraft Spawn Distance

    I'm about at my wits end with this one. I'm running a CUP cherno map. I built trade zones into an a3_custom.pbo using the method described here: So the exile vendors are all exported using 3den and pasted into initlocal in the actual Exile.Chernarus mission pbo. InitServer is pasted into the a3_custom.pbo. So one performs the placement of objects and the other places the exile vendors. I have two aircraft trade zones. Obviously each will be used to purchase and spawn aircraft. The problem I'm encountering is that when I attempt to buy an aircraft it will spawn very close to the trader himself and destroy the vehicle. Blackfish, for example, spawn damn near inside the hangar where the trader stands at the edge of. I thought to remedy this by placing an invisible heli pad onto the airfield itself at both airfields and then copy that (with exile 3den) over to the file inside what becomes the a3_custom pbo. No luck. Booted up the server with the new a3_custom and the spawn distance problem persists. I attempted to place the invis heli pad into the mission file itself by opening Exile.Cherno.pbo and placing it in the editor (one invis heli pad at each airfield). I then deleted the invis heli pads that were inside a3_custom. Uploaded both new .pbos and restarted. No luck. Still persists. I then found the following overwrite and installed: Still no success. Problem is persistent. If anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance.
  24. 4amMadman

    Issues with Aircraft Spawn Distance

    Bless you a million times. That solved it. Place helipads in the a3_custom mission file, make sure to select both boxes related to dynamic simulation. export that using 3den's menu option to the trader folder that is then pbo'd and uploaded to the server. Works like a dream. Thank you for releasing me from this never ending exile hell.