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    Cant eat & drink

    fixed the issue by doing a full reinstall again. then we found there was a file in the rzinfection that had to do with consuming that was empty
  2. [IGG] C٤ri٥n™ twitch.tv/Cerion5k

    Cant eat & drink

    Hello all, I've recently started setting up a Exile server for my gaming/arma community. now today we have added some extra mods (mods weve added are RZInfection and the 3 RHS mods) and it seems we have broken something and I can't find where it is. PLayers are now unable to consume food or drinks. Anyone have had this issue before or know what it can be? I've been googling it and its happened before to people but I can't find a clear reason/fix. the mods we are running: @Exile; @ryanzombies; @RZInfection; @AdvancedUrbanRappelling; @AdvancedTowing; @CBA_A3; @Extended_Base_Mod; @RHSAFRF; @RHSGREF; @RHSUSAF; here is the pastebin of the latest RPT file: https://pastebin.com/GYnmC67p Things ive tried already: 1. server restart 2. redid the lootcompiler for the added RHS and RZinfection items etc. 3. started a fresh database I hope someone knows whats going wrong or can point me in the correct direction. I myself think it's something in the mission.sqf file but not entirely sure can someone confirm this?