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  1. RedneckRabbit

    Infistar blocking advanced sling load

    Good day, Infistar seems to be blocking the UI for Advanced sling load. Unsure what the ID for it is, anyone have an idea?
  2. RedneckRabbit

    Extended Base Mod

    Any reason the proper menu for things like the hangars and shipping crates wouldn't show up? Players are unable to get the option to move, lock, unlock, and use inventory.
  3. Anyone know why Deploy quad may not work? I've double checked my installation method, even reinstalled it. Am I missing a step with this?
  4. RedneckRabbit

    Auto Restarts bugging server

    Good day, I have BEC and Infistar auto restart my server. What I have noticed about my server that is quite annoying is that completed missions will stay on the map, doors and gates (anything that is player places and can be opened) is stuck. After digging around, I came up with nothing. Wondering if anyone had the same issue as me.
  5. RedneckRabbit

    RyanZombies/ExileZ issue

    It's at 0 for me.. which is why I'm really confused.
  6. RedneckRabbit

    RyanZombies/ExileZ issue

    After hours of looking around and messing with the files for ExileZ, I'm at the point of tearing my hair out from infection. Long story short, the main change i'm extremely confused on is "_Ryanzombiesinfection " I had followed what it said, changing it to -1. After changing out the files in my server, infection is still on. Would anyone be able to explain to me how to properly disable infection?
  7. RedneckRabbit

    Cage kicker [C|K]

    Cage Kicker is a PVE server that hosts Tanoa. With our community just being born, we are looking forward to meeting new players who are interested in PVE! Our main goal currently is to take feedback and apply it, all suggestions are welcome! -About us- With our server being PVE, the actions of flag stealing and hotwire are disabled. Currently vehicles spawn quite frequently around, opening opportunity for easy tabs. -Mods- R3f Logistics|Advanced Towing|CUP (Weapons and vehicles)|Enhanced movement|BAF Vehicles|NIArms|RHS GREF|RHS SAF|RHS USAF|Zombies & Demons| -Other- Exad (Virtual Garage, View Distance, Journal, Server info, AI Unit Scanner, Statsbar)|Vehicle Protection -Rules- Not allowed- PVP, Harassment, building in roads/cities, stealing/base raids, mission stealing. Allowed- Mission claiming via side chat/map marker, Vehicle replacement (If proof is provided, such as a video)
  8. RedneckRabbit

    [Updated] R3F Logistics Exile (with CUP)

  9. RedneckRabbit

    Need help with R3F Logistics

  10. RedneckRabbit

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    How would I go about increasing the spawning frequency at lower play counts?
  11. RedneckRabbit

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    How would I go about doing so if the hardware trader is changed with easy traders? I keep getting this error in my console upon installing with the instructions. ErrorMessage: Include file mpmissions\__cur_mp.Tanoa\TRADERS\EBM\traders.hpp not found
  12. RedneckRabbit

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    How would I go about installing Extended base mod with this? I get stuck when loading in to my server. It seems no matter what versions I use, the server wont allow me to connect.