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  1. babayega

    Searching for Exile group

    I am down for that aswell, 28 y old looking for a serious exile group.
  2. Damn, I hoped so hard that there'll be an Exile mod in PUBG. That would've been awesome. So, judging from your opinions, there won't be any at all? Like, no chance at all?
  3. Hello guys at Exile! I did not know where to put this question, so I've guessed that General Discussions is always a good place to ask a question. The question is more likely for the Exile development team. I have enjoyed every single bit of playing the Exile mod, knowing that is the best game mode for me. However, I am just eager... Now that PUBG has grown this much, and as soon as it gets a full release (knowing that is still in open beta), is there going to be any involvement of the Exile dev team over there? I would definitely love an Exile mod over there! All the best guys, keep up the good work!!!
  4. I have literally the same issue in 1.0.3, stuck on loading screen. Tried everything, nothing's working.