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  1. cannibalmerk

    Infistar server locking

    It was a constant thing. I know there's a setting to temporary lock the server on restart but that setting was turned off and it would stay locked for hours. Its not an issue now though
  2. cannibalmerk

    Infistar server locking

    Hey everyone. I have infistar running on my server and I'm using the auto restart. The problem is It keeps locking the server and won't unlock it. I went into the config file and made sure the "lock on restart" option was set to "false". So I don't understand why it's still locking. Did I miss something maybe? A setting somewhere else I don't know about?
  3. cannibalmerk

    Arma 1.76 Bugs Megathread!! READ THE RULES!!

    I'll double check tonight but I don't think changing the square radar fixed it for me
  4. cannibalmerk

    Arma 1.76 Bugs Megathread!! READ THE RULES!!

    I did that with no effect. Is there an official patch in the works?
  5. cannibalmerk

    Arma 1.76 Bugs Megathread!! READ THE RULES!!

    any ETA on that GPS UI patch? Cause the side panels not showing up is a real SOB.
  6. cannibalmerk

    side panels not working

    Where is that thread? I can't seem to find it *NEVERMIND* Found it...
  7. cannibalmerk

    side panels not working

    Hey, For some reason the side panels on my server aren't working anymore (like the GPS screen and whatnot). Any ideas on what might have caused this? They were working last time I was on. I even tried resetting keybindings to default and it didn't fix it.
  8. cannibalmerk

    For the Arma gods

    A sacrifice must be made
  9. cannibalmerk

    Weak airlift cables

    I just use advanced towing and regular chopper loading on my server and it will still occasionally acts funky when you're going over 100km. I've done some testing and it seems to be a lag issue. Like the heli and vehicle get out of sync like you dragged it into a tower and "snapped" the lines. It happens most when I zoom in with RMB. I've zoomed in and then back out real quick and watched the vehicle rubber band back a little bit and then snap back under the heli. I've also seen it happen on other servers with no towing/sling loading mods when you went into a new area (while the place name and time show up in the top left of the screen). So my best guess is you're experiencing a heli/vehicle sync issue caused by connection lag. I'd suggest finding a server with a better connection. That's the best fix I've found aside from just slowing down.
  10. cannibalmerk


    I always just use the arma dashboard to set up mods and join servers. I only use A3launcher to update exile. The arma dashboard will let you select servers, tell you what mods you need and set up/install them for you.
  11. cannibalmerk

    [SOLVED] Completely random Loot possible?

    not sure if this would be what you wanted but couldn't you add something like empty water bottles and tin cans to every building type in the loot settings (I don't think every building can spawn those. not sure) and just increase it's percentage of drop really high so it lowers the overall chance of anything else spawning? you'd have to tweak the other loot spawn percentages to be lower (so a lot of tedious effort). That would even play into the apocalyptic feel of the game. Trash left behind by previous survivors.
  12. cannibalmerk

    Tin cans and toilet paper

    I like he ambiance they provide. Trash left behind by previous survivors and whatnot. Though I did tweak the loot chances in my server so they're available but far less likely to spawn. Also tweaked the 4 toilet paper = 1 bandage to 2 toilet paper = 1 bandage. It made more sense since you can wrap a good surface area with one roll of TP.
  13. cannibalmerk

    Seems legit...

    That was actually my dead body after pushing it out of a vehicle lol.
  14. cannibalmerk

    Seems legit...

    This cant go wrong...