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  1. RagingStray

    [release] deploy a mozzie

  2. RagingStray

    [release] deploy a mozzie

    I do have the mod installed. I can manually spawn it np but not from the xm8
  3. RagingStray

    [release] deploy a mozzie

    Ok so I install to XM8 but when I goto spawn it, I get the animation - an says deployed now but nothing deployed
  4. RagingStray

    DMS Exile

    It was all default install. But I got it fixed with a new install.
  5. RagingStray

    DMS Exile

    OK so Im trying to get DMS working an I get a ton of errors in the console. Here is my RPT - Any help be appreciated!
  6. RagingStray

    [Release] Panthera/Winthera Exile Files

    I cannot find the files anywhere. I have a server running for this but traders an such do not show up.
  7. RagingStray

    Class Extraction Tool Updated v0.42

    Tried using this tool, couldn't figure out how to get the list.
  8. RagingStray

    New server & Getting Error Server Exist

    Anyone? Im still getting the same message There already is a server with this address. How can I get this removed. So that I can start using the app myself?
  9. RagingStray

    Deconstruct Bug?

    I fixed it. It was a door fix issue that I thought was still in exile.
  10. RagingStray

    Deconstruct Bug?

    So on my server Exile Chernarus. We can build as normal but if we remove anything it will give us back the ITEM + a code lock with Everything that is player constructed what & where do I fix this???
  11. RagingStray

    Exile 1.0.3 Doors wont open

    Doors won't open & sometimes get stuck trying to get into vehicles that doors fail to open an animation to get into them. I seen there was a fix for 1.0.2 but I tried that an it is still doing the same thing has anyone found a fix for 1.0.3??
  12. Does this even still work? I have been trying to get it working for a few hours. The buildings spawn but the traders do not!
  13. RagingStray

    Cannot get server to start! Help Please!

    http://prntscr.com/g2o5xe Also I have Re-Installed the DB