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  1. a bit of weirdness: docker stuff to run win32 arma server with wine under linux https://github.com/aaaler/arma3-wine
  2. doing pretty much nothing i guess. not on login.
  3. same message Pyret14(76561197960376982) | Player object switched. Old object: [Kammenou() - Exile_Unit_Player 2:15367 R Bravo 2-5:1] - New object: [Pyret14(76561197960376982) - Exile_Unit_Player 2:15380 R Alpha 2-5:1 (Pyret14) REMOTE] | 0h 21min 16s [30-10-2017 23-19-41 - v87] 18.11.2017 21:38:45: Pyret14(76561197960376982) | Player object switched. Old object: [Roumpesi() - Exile_Unit_Player 2:21405 R Alpha 1-2:1] - New object: [Pyret14(76561197960376982) - Exile_Unit_Player 2:21471 R Alpha 3-4:1 (Pyret14) REMOTE] | 0h 34min 30s [30-10-2017 23-19-41 - v87] What is happening here? There is also this guy standing still, on the pic. IDK is it really related to the issue. Pretty similiar setup: CDAH Mod Pack @Extended_Items_Exile RZ Infection for Exile Ryan's Zombies & Demons CUP Weapons 1.10.0 CUP Vehicles 1.10.0 CUP Units 1.10.0 DS Houses Community Base Addons v3.4.1 CUP Terrains - Maps 1.4.0 CUP Terrains - Core 1.4.0 Exile Mod also https://github.com/kuplion/ExileZ-Mod and https://github.com/Defent/DMS_Exile
  4. I've found subj problem on my server, and can't find any fixes. So sharing fix for it. https://gist.github.com/aaaler/2a22bc981689bf3254c410c3697758e1 Override this file in class CfgExileCustomCode
  5. Is there an option to prevent zombie from attacking vehicles?
  6. The Good Old DayZ

    This server customization intends to hold the atmosphere of Arma 2 survivial games, such as DayZ, epochmod and origins. Addons CUP Weapons, Vehicles and Backpacks Open Chernarus Project (OCP) -- interior for all that enterable village houses Ryan Zombies Humanity system. No respect here, guys Custom loot tables, custom loot placement Heli Crashes Dynamic Mission System (DMS) Hero/Bandit missions Vehicles spawn with loot and unlocked. Code 0000. R3F Logistics: Towing (need rope),Lifting and crate loading Wastedump buys from crates. Claim dynamic vehicles with the code lock. Advanced Vehicle System (AVS) : persistent vehicle ammo, refuel/rearm on fuelstations, persistent vehicle spawns (Code 0000) Vector Building XM8:Spawn bicycle from can opener XM8:Crafting recipes XM8:Virtual Garage (on your terriory) XM8:Change View Distance marXet
  7. Please confirm, that you test 1.0.3d with exile_server_config.pbo packaged with 1.0.3d and loot customization works ok? Can you please provide working exile_server_config.pbo (1.0.3d) with some test loot table customization (like only flares)? as for me, exile_server.pbo from 1.0.3d & exile_server_config.pbo from 1.0.3b works ok. Here's my 1.0.3d not working example: https://aler.me/~aler/exile_server_config.pbo It configured to spawn only road flares, but spawn default table for me. BTW, were can i see changelog 1.0.3b --> 1.0.3d ?
  8. Custom loot tables seems to be broken again in 1.0.3d & 1.0.3e. 1.0.3b works ok. Checked that on cherno & fresh altis install.