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  1. Frankloco

    DS Houses

    Any new updates planned for this addon?
  2. Frankloco

    DS Houses

    Great work so far and looks like a lot better mod than OCP. Still some small errors that I am receiving in my RPT and some minor issues ingame Here is a pastebin of my RPT log that had the errors: Also here are some images of a house that is still quite bugged: Imgur Album I suggest that you replace that bottom floor with a solid floor instead of terrain to prevent problems Other than that, keep it up! Good work!
  3. adamt provided the answer. The thing is though that Exile said they updated it in their server files, but they didnt. They only patched it on version C and didn't put it in the next version causing the same error to appear. Post can be marked as solved!
  4. Hello everyone, Since the new update I also had to update my loottable with the new loottable compiler obviously. After making sure that the old LootItemGroup and LootTables formatting has remained the same I just compiled my two old lists and didn't receive any errors doing so. But once I put the "#include CfgExileLootServer.hpp" in my exile_server_config config.cpp. Or even if I copy/paste the entire thing straight into the config.cpp, I get a default loot table inside of the game instead of the one I have created. Anyone has any clue on what I am doing wrong? PS: I have already posted my .RPT in the Discord and was read by RyanD and Hellstyrant and they couldn't find any problems in there Thanks in advance, Greetings, Frankloco
  5. Sorry for the late response, but I had been struggling with the problem for quite a while after I received the suggestions, but I have managed to find a workaround which works for me! I eventually removed one of the final checks for Humanity (Respect) which seemed double to me and that fixed it! Thank you for taking your time to respond to those who did! EDIT: This topic can be marked as solved!
  6. Hello everyone, For quite a while I have been working on implementing my own version of Humanity. I have managed to setup pretty much everything up correctly except for one thing. Bandit (negative respect/humanity) purchases won't work for me. I thought I figured out all the scripts that I needed to change in the ExileClient and ExileServer, but I still keep getting the "Code 14" error. I am currently clueless on what I am doing wrong or what I am missing. Firstly I encountered the problem that the available items would be greyed out even though the character had enough humanity and only heroes could still buy it (sounds weird, don't worry, it is). I managed to resolve that problem and the purchase button is available at the correct moments, but when pressing the "Buy" button I receive my code 14 error. These are the scripts that I modified with their original bits commented out for easy comparison. ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_event_onStoreListBoxSelectionChanged.sqf ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseItemRequest.sqf I am quite positive that the ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_event_onStoreListBoxSelectionChanged has nothing to do with it anymore, but I am totally clueless so I included it anyway. I did not modify the ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_even_onPurchaseButtonClick at all. Currently the buying of items with 0 required respect only works if you have more than 0 respect (didn't test it when playerRespect = 0), and if you are a bandit you aren't able to buy any bandit items or default items either. Hopefully someone has an answer to my problem. You will be forever remembered! Thanks in advance! Greetings, Frankloco