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  1. So I loaded my mission in the editor and added Community Customs Traders: Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms and Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms2. I saved my mission, added a safezone etc. I now tried to add items to the traders and it's not working. Here is my setup (I created a CUSTOM folder in my TRADERS folder to put the trader categories and the item list inside): This is my ItemList and the TraderCategories inside the CUSTOM folder: This my CfgTraders file were the Community Customs Trader was already defined: This is the trader inside my mission file (That I added in Eden): So what am I doing wrong here?
  2. Aristo

    Dot icon on map not showing up

    Hey! I want to add a dot icon to my map (Icon -> mil_dot in Eden), created the marker in Eden and got the code via the Exile plug in for Eden ("Save markers and Zones"). I want to have a dot with text next to it, so I can basically have a small list on the map to explain something. This is what I got: class Item182 { dataType = "Marker"; position[] = {5637.27, 0, 11837.1}; name = "ExileMarker54"; text = "Lorem Ipsum Dolor"; markerType = "ELLIPSE"; type = "ExileNonConstructionZone"; colorName = "ColorBlack"; fillName = "Border"; alpha = 0; a = 1; b = 1; drawBorder = 1; id = 502; atlOffset = 0; }; It's not showing on the map. I already tried changing markerType= "ELLIPSE"; to markerTYPE="mil_dot"; but this didn't work either. Neither the dot nor the text are showing. Including the code into my mission.sqm is not the problem, I already figured that out and added a safe zone to my map. There has to be something wrong or missing in the code Eden is giving me. Any help or idea is appreciated!
  3. Aristo

    Using trigger in Eden to define safezone

    Thank you, I succesfully created the markers and the code but I can't get it working. I added it to my mission.sqm, increased the amount of items etc. and it's not working. I tried everything. Is there any tutorial on how to include these? I get the general idea but I make a mistake somewhere because otherwise it would be working. The safezone is working now, now I am just having trouble with "dot markers" (A dot on the map that you can add text to - Like a list on the map) Here is my code: class Item184 { dataType = "Marker"; position[] = {4401.07, 0, 7841.45}; name = "ExileMarker62"; text = "LOREM IPSUM DOLOR"; markerType = "ELLIPSE"; type = "ExileNonConstructionZone"; colorName = "ColorBlack"; fillName = "Border"; alpha = 0; a = 1; b = 1; drawBorder = 1; id = 559; atlOffset = 0; }; Any idea why it's not showing up on the map?
  4. Aristo

    Custom Icons on Map- Help needed.

    Is this already the marker basically or would I have to place it somewhere else?
  5. Aristo

    Using trigger in Eden to define safezone

    Thanks for your reply, I did it the exact same way as you did, placed a tank and played as the character to test it and there is still no godmode. Or does this not apply in the editor itself? Another question: is it possible to only give the trader godmode? I double clicked on the trader guy and unchecked "enable damage" but I can still kill him.
  6. Hey! I want to add a safezone to my custom trader and I am using a trigger for this. The problem is I have no idea what to add to the "On Activation" and "On Deactivation" section and I can't find anything on Google. I want it to be a classic safezone so that players, traders and vehicles have godmode. I am completely lost, could anyone help me, please? This is what I got so far:
  7. Aristo

    Include your custom objects and buildings in a server addon

    For some reason this is not working for me. I used M3 and clicked on "Export all" as someone suggested here. EDIT: I realized that the folder was called "mapcontents" but I had put "mapcontent" (without s) in the fn_init so I changed the folder name to fix the typo. Still not working. This is my folder (Before packing it into a PBO): Here is my SQF file inside the folder: Here is the content of my SQF file: This is my fn_init: I packed the PBO and put it into @ExileServer/addons and nothing is spawning. When I do it exactly the way as it's described in the first post (Exile plug in, clicking on "Exile" and clickon on "save initServer.sqf" it's ALWAYS giving me this code, no matter what I add or change in the editor: /** * Created with Exile Mod 3DEN Plugin * */ ExileRouletteChairs = []; ExileRouletteChairPositions = []; // 1 Vehicles private _vehicles = [ ["Land_SharpStone_02", [3052.15, 9484.32, 0.869433], [0, 0.999773, -0.0213272], [0.0823858, 0.0212547, 0.996374], true] ]; { private _vehicle = (_x select 0) createVehicle (_x select 1); _vehicle allowDamage false; _vehicle setPosWorld (_x select 1); _vehicle setVectorDirAndUp [_x select 2, _x select 3]; _vehicle enableSimulationGlobal (_x select 4); _vehicle setVariable ["ExileIsLocked", -1, true]; if (_vehicle isKindOf "Exile_RussianRouletteChair") then { ExileRouletteChairs pushBack _vehicle; ExileRouletteChairPositions pushBack [_x select 1, getDir _vehicle]; }; } forEach _vehicles; // 0 Simple Objects private _invisibleSelections = ["zasleh", "zasleh2", "box_nato_grenades_sign_f", "box_nato_ammoord_sign_f", "box_nato_support_sign_f"]; private _simpleObjects = [ ]; { private _simpleObject = createSimpleObject [_x select 0, _x select 1]; _simpleObject setVectorDirAndUp [_x select 2, _x select 3]; { if ((toLower _x) in _invisibleSelections) then { _simpleObject hideSelection [_x, true]; }; } forEach (selectionNames _simpleObject); } forEach _simpleObjects; I used M3, the vanilla editor and 3eden enhanced and it's always the same problem. Can anyone help me?
  8. Aristo

    Need help with costum traders

    Hey! I can't find a proper tutorial for placing a costum trader. I know how to use the editor (I used 3DEN and M3) and placed some traders but I don't know what to do with the code it's giving me. My main problem is that there is no "Exile" tab inside Eden to export my initPlayerLocal.sqf. Whenever I find old tutorials people are doing it that way. Can anyone give me a hint how do go about this the correct way? Thanks everyone!
  9. Hey! So I have an Ural-4320 (Open) four times in a row at the vehicle trader even though I can not find it in any item or trader category list. It's also listed with 0 Poptabs and when I try to buy it it gives me the error code 13. I just want to get rid of it but I don't know how. I use the classic setup with a "TRADERS" folder in my mission and subfolders with one ItemList and one TraderCategories for each folder and a CfgTraders file in my "TRADERS" folder. As I said I can't find the Ural-4320 in any of my files. Picture of my problem:
  10. Aristo

    getting advanced towing to work?

    I just put the pbo into my addons folder, didn't even add a key or anything and it's working like a charm. Do I have to do anything else? Don't want to run into problems at some point. Glad that you could fix your issue!
  11. Aristo

    Mod list in ArmA III

    Hey! So I added some mods to my server and put them in the command line of my interface so they would work. The problem is: When you are in ArmA III and click on a server in the list you get a list of all the mods the server is using in the bottom right hand corner. In my case not only are almost all mods missing in that list but also infiSTAR is listed there. The server, including all mods and scripts is working just fine my only concern is that list. Am I missing something?
  12. I already fixed it a minute ago but thank you either way! I had already created class RscTitles in my description.ext for a status bar I am using, forgot that and created class RscTitles twice. I have now included #include "scarCODE\restartWarnings\hpp\RscDisplayRestartWarnings.hpp" in the corrent, one and only class RscTitles and all is good!
  13. I am having some trouble with this: First off, I get an error saying that the member in my description.ext is already defined. I added #include "scarCODE\restartWarnings\config.cpp" class RscTitles { #include "scarCODE\restartWarnings\hpp\RscDisplayRestartWarnings.hpp" }; this at the bottom of my description.ext in my mission and apparently the member is already defined. I followed the instructions for this. The other problem I have is that I am getting this error as soon as the restart warning is supposed to pop up: Resource title RscDisplayRestartWarnings not found I put the scarCODE folder in my mission and added the required line to my init.sqf. I don't know what I am doing wrong here? Can anyone help me?
  14. Thanks for your reply! Sorry for falsely accusing infiSTAR, I just felt like this could be it because it was coincidentally popping up after I added infiSTAR and the infiSTAR XM8 apps. To be honest I have no idea how to even find out what's causing the error. I am currently running: Exile Zombies and Demons (Including ExileZ) Extended Base Mod RHSAFRF RHSUSAF Advanced Towing ACiDY Tanoa Bridges DMS A3 Exile Occupation A Statusbar Thank you for your help!
  15. Hey! So I got this error that says: Variable '_ctrl' does not support serialization. Call 'disableSerilization' in the current script (maybe ") if you need to use it The first time it appeared was a while after I installed infiSTAR and then it didn't happen for a few days. Today I bought and installed the infiSTAR XM8 apps and after loading up the server the error popped up again. So I at least suspect that it could be related to infiSTAR. To be honest I don't know what to make out of this warning and what to do. Any ideas?