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  1. Actually I figured it out, all you have to do is set DMS & Occupation AI to the same faction as the vehicles. Set them to CIV and they will stop engaging the players vehicles, and only attack the player once they hop out and move away from their vehicle.
  2. honestly I set it lower than 5, and it really really fked my server performance. put my timings at 5,6,7,8,9,10 for certain missions to load and everything loads beautifully, no server lag what so ever. Just never ever set occupation missions at the same time to load with the static missions of DMS haha it will make your server take a big poopie. Also for new server owners never disable DMS_ai_offload_to_client, and absolutely never disable DMS_ai_allowFreezing if you want your server to not catch on fire.
  3. Simply unpack your a3_exile_occupation.pbo, then open your startOccupation.sqf with notepad++ or editor of your choice. look for change it to but this is not recommended there is a reason why it takes a while to spawn these Ai, it is so the whole server does not take a dump.....
  4. I have seen on some servers they do not attack your vehicle after you bail out. Also I have used " SC_occupyVehicleFixedPositions " but they still do not just drive down the MSR main road.. I have even gone as far as to change their state to "RED" & "AWARE"
  5. So I have 2 questions for you awesomely smart people because I cannot figure this crap out.. 1. how do I get the Ai to stop shooting a players vehicle once they jump out because the enemy just keeps pummeling their vehicle long after the disembark. 2. how do I make it so Ai only drive on the "MSR" main service road near the terminal on Altis. I have looked at the occupy vehicles but cannot seem to find the answer there, any help is appreciated Regards, Jager
  6. Thank you very much I appreciate your time, I will give it a go when I get back. Regards, Jager
  7. Thank you very much Kuplion I really appreciate it. Also would you if you have the time, be able to provide an example please. Regards, Jager

    [SOLVED] I got lightning bolted and was global banned

    It was on my server JHGAltis, I kept lightning bolting him and it banned him. I removed him from the ban list but for some reason it global banned him.

    Clans a.k.a. "Families"

    Unless the server has a problem no... usually it stays until you leave it, please read this section. " Once you have created a Family you will be able to manage your Family in the XM8. In the Family app you can see who is currently in the Family and who is the leader/"Papa" of the clan. Only the Papa can kick/add members to the Family. If the Papa is the only member of the clan he/she will get the option to Disband the clan. If there are other members he/she will get the option to leave. If a Papa leaves a clan a random Family member will become the new Papa. The Papa will get the option to invite new members to the family in the 8G Network. "
  10. I had a quick question, would it be possible to add an armed vehicle as well as the ground troops in the occupylootcrates. Do I have to edit the occupationLootCrates.sqf to spawn vehicles ? Because 6 ground units protecting a crate does not seem sufficient enough for the amount of loot that is in the crates. Regards, Jager