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    [NEW] MUG Exile Chernarus Isles

    Well hello there and welcome to my post today i write to you about an a amazing opportunity to help build a community from the ground up in our new just released server called Metal Umbrella Gaming this server is based on the map chernarus isles. This is a fully militarized server.
  2. SkellyKing

    Looking For Someone To Help Me.

    Yeah Im In The US Its 2:40Am For Me Atm Dis Is My Steam Profile Feel Free To Add Me.
  3. SkellyKing

    Looking For Someone To Help Me.

    Exile And My Server Is With Hosthavoc Like I Have The Cup Mods And Stuff Currently Added To The Server But CBA_A3 Mod Keeps Giving Me Issues Upon Connecting To The Server Like Running A Server And Scripting Etc Is Like Brand New I Just Want Something To Play At My Likeing And Not Have To Switch Servers Constantly Im Also Having Issues Trying To Setup The infiSTAR For My Server As Well.
  4. SkellyKing

    Looking For Someone To Help Me.

    Yes I Recently Went Out And Got My Own Server And I Have Zero Fucking Idea What Im Doing Could Someone Possible Help Me Out.