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  1. @110 Ok. Just got home. The problem was the variable "alreadyFishing". It was not defined, which is true. For some reason the script was working fine in my server. I've added this at the start of the script: if (isNil {alreadyFishing}) then { alreadyFishing = 0; }; This "if" will check if variable alreadyFishing is not defined. If true, it will set to alreadyFishing to "0". Since it is a global variable this condition will run just once.
  2. @110 Can't test right now, but I think it can be fixed by adding this at first lines of the script: if (alreadyFishing == nil) then { alreadyFishing = 1; }; I will test it later to make sure. Thanks. EDIT: Does not work. Fixed it in my first post.
  3. Just on you. When I search for BurlapSack in the game(using Admin tool kit), two items shows up and one of them can't be recognized by the script. I think it's because of classnames, you need the one named "Exile_Item_BurlapSack". if ("Exile_Item_BurlapSack" in magazines player) then {... Cheers.
  4. Thank you for this script. I've made some changes. 1. Instead of freeze player when he start to fishing, it just stop the fishing process when he moves faster than 5km/h. 2. People can't spam shift key anymore. While last call is running, people can't throw another net. 3. I don't know if Exile have 3D fish models, so, I've added a "fake" gutting process when player catch a fish. It's a little bit more realistic.
  5. That's a hell of a bump, but instead of create a new topic, I'm gonna ask here... There is no "noNeedForTerritory[] =" item at mission file config.cpp. Was it removed? I've tried to put in the start of the file but didn't work. Or it should be place somewhere else?
  6. Today was my first attempt to set up an exile server. My god! I've spend almost all day trying to fix this problem, thinking it was caused by something I've done wrong. I was freaking out! Now, everything is working fine. Thank you!