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  1. feak

    Show off your Desktop

    this is where i look at all the exilemod porn!!
  2. feak

    melee advice

    is there any melee mods that work with a3L that anyone knows of as think it would be great for some knife action on the map plus seen some mods with some great axes and knifes to use but no way of the player to use them. thanks freak
  3. feak

    map spawn locations?

    yeah i no thanks man
  4. feak

    map spawn locations?

    ah ok this prob makes sense as when i installed xsspawn i changed the respawn time to 1sec instead of the 10. ok thanks man!!
  5. feak

    map spawn locations?

    sry aint replied been busy few days. yeah was using base spawn script but took that off and using xsspawn now which has give me unlimited spawns again. is there something wrong with the base spawn script?
  6. im either being stupid or blind can someone point me in the right direction of how to change how many times u can spawn at a spawn location as im sure u can spawn multiple times normaly but for some reason mine are 1 every 10 mins or so. any help pls thanks freak.
  7. feak

    Extended Base Mod

    hi guys. so i created a chernarus isles server 6 months ago with EBM and everthing works fine on there. i made another server with lingor3 map also using EBM and for some reason the EBM objects are now destructible? any ideas why this might have happened or is there something i can change somewhere? mods im running is.. - advanced towing - advanced sling load - CDAH mod pack - extended survival pack - blastcore - EBM - cup unit / weapons / units / core - NIARMS - CBA - ALL RHS -TRYK - LINGOR - EXILE - FA 18 SUPER HORNET all the mods im using are the same on both servers i no on the isles server i can plant charges on some EBM building parts but not demo all. for example the airport tower on my isles server is indestructible yet on my lingor server i can blow it up with a few rockets? any help here pls thanks freak
  8. feak

    Exile Player Rewards

    thats man this fixed it!! life saver!!
  9. feak

    Exile Player Rewards

    so i have installed everything and it all works my end but when adding the rewards to players they go up to the locker and when they hit claim/reward the box comes on for a split second then goes? this aint the case for me though when i go to it the box stays there. any ideas? there is nothing in the RPT. do i have to add player uids to somewhere for them to be able to see the claim box? thanks freak
  10. feak

    little help pls

    hummm weird i dont get this. ill just edit it out in editor lol be easier lol
  11. feak

    little help pls

    just wanted to know the keybind as well for futire builds etc..
  12. feak

    little help pls

    hey guys so i have some of these hangars on my server but someone keeps closing them i wouldnt mind but i use them for my main trader. i remember once someone told me you could bind ur use action key to be able to do this but this was some time ago and i cant remember. does anyone no how or what key this is? thanks.
  13. feak

    MarXet: Unable to purchase

    hi im having this problem also please could you share the solution? if i sell an item the max it seems to sell for is 4000 how did you solve this?
  14. so i installed everything from the folders i have it all woking ingame where i can sell iteams but can buy them off there i have tried from myself and with another account but still the same can sell but not buy.? any ideas as to why or what i could have missed? thanks