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  1. Hi, In my server everything work, only one problem: when press add bounty - nothing changes, may be someone give me a advise, how to fix this problem?
  2. Very cool. big thx for АБВГД....
  3. Wow, it will ve really nice. We are waiting. Big Thx. Or in Russia: Спасибо!
  4. Hi, can you add a Cyrilic fonts support? No Cyrillic nicknames on your beautifull addon.
  5. Wow!!!!, you are the best
  6. Can you give me more solutions? I can't make grenades from rhs working
  7. Wow!!! Its work. But only first entire But on veh from trader. When I try to spawn from Infi they have standart plates
  8. I try, no result _licPlate = selectRandom [ "RU111", "BUZOVA_CAR", "ENTSRVRU", "777", "666", "PVE-FOR_GIRLS" ]; _vehicleObject setPlateNumber _licPlate;
  9. Hmmm, dont work in mine with those line:
  10. love you, MGTDB
  11. the same problem with loot
  12. Test now fresh infi beta version, Roaming trader WORK!!!
  13. We are waiting
  14. Hey, does anybody have a solution to spawn this amazing boxes not on start, but randomly as DMS bandit missions