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  1. [x] cit

    Чел спавнится в очках

    В твоем профиле в самой игре очков нет?
  2. [x] cit

    Build Height Limit Plus

    Hi, what news about building on ships?
  3. [x] cit

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    Hi, we have another problem, after update from MGTDB if vehicle is spawn nonpersistant, like as deploy quad - players dont see the menu. So it works only with persistant vehs. And another - if vehicle is locked - player dont see any menu, like unlock, etc.
  4. [x] cit

    ExAd v1.0.4

    make in config.cpp your quad unsellable or give him smaller price then cord
  5. [x] cit

    ExAd v1.0.4

    Hi all, can you help me with Exad VG. How to stop rearm vehicle on store in virtual garage
  6. [x] cit

    [RELEASE] Assassination Mission

    You can use all a3 or Exile markers
  7. [x] cit

    WKWM - New Toy on server (Gas granade)

    Great work, can you show us how to?
  8. [x] cit

    [SOLVED]Cup Weapons Attachment List

    Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it.
  9. [x] cit

    Dynamic multi convoy for EXILE

    Dont work. random freezy, strange moving, etc
  10. we are waiting, if it possible to do this for all vehicles/
  11. [x] cit

    GADDvent Calendar

    all works very fine. Show us your ClaimGift.sqf
  12. [x] cit

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Knocks Can you give me an example of your convoy? I cant run them
  13. [x] cit

    [RELEASE] Assassination Mission

    Hi, I see that my players cant loot briefcase, no actions, what is it?
  14. [x] cit

    Dynamic multi convoy for EXILE

    the same problems