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  1. If I wanted to add more units to the DMS mission AI roaming vehicles how would I modify the fn_SpawnAIVehicle.sqf script? Presently there are two AI that spawn with a call SpawnAIVehicle (one gunner and one driver)
  2. @CaptainChaos I don't have a DMS folder under addons just a a3_dms. But just for S&G I changed the directory in the fn_ImportFromM3E_Static.sqf file cause I am at a point to try anything. Getting same error.
  3. I know this has been covered before and I'm really not wanting to kick this rock over again, but the solutions to the issue don't seem to apply or I just am blind. I also tried this on canned static missions like saltflats and getting the same error. Getting the following error Here is the screenshot of the georgetown_buildings.sqf file in its directory Here is the fn_ImportFromM3E_Static.sqf - which hasn't been changed private _export = call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers (format ["\x\addons\a3_dms\objects\static\%1.sqf",_file]); Here is my latest tanoa_config.sqf
  4. Thanks Is his base mission available to check out?
  5. Is there a way to summon multiple reinforcements or maybe a delay. I notice it just one round and it seems they get called instantly once im in range
  6. Getting the following error Here is my init.sqf file (haven't changed anything in it) Thanks for the help!!!
  7. No errors so far after temp fix above
  8. Getting the following errors
  9. Tried three missions and no reinforcements
  10. Hide contents I'm getting the following error. I'll define the _AIGroup parameter as bandit and try again 16:53:17 Error in expression <alid parameters: %1",_this]; -1 }; if (isNull _AIGroup) exitWith { diag_log for> 16:53:17 Error position: <isNull _AIGroup) exitWith { diag_log for> 16:53:17 Error isnull: Type Array, expected Object,Group,Script,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Network Object,Task,Location 16:53:17 File \x\addons\dms\scripts\fn_SpawnHeliReinforcement.sqf [DMS_fnc_SpawnHeliReinforcement], line 41
  11. Hello anyone had any luck with enemy heli reinforcements for dms bandit missions.
  12. Hello Getting the following error Here is my script in the misison
  13. Getting this error 14:33:43 File sa_advancedtowing\config.cpp, line 34: '/CfgFunctions/SA/AdvancedTowing/advancedTowingInit.postInit': Missing ';' prior '}' However further down I am getting this 14:34:13 "Advanced Towing Loading..." 14:34:13 "Advanced Towing Loaded" Ill have to test it but didn't know if the error would be an issue - I haven't modified the file config.cpp Also not using infastar at the moment
  14. Hello The following link https://github.com/ravmustang/AdvancedTowing/blob/master/%40exileserver/addons/SA_AdvancedTowing.pbo seems to be dead.
  15. Vaper thanks for your help!!! The only modifications I've done was add additional vehicles that spawn around Tania map, additional vehicles that you can get at traders, crate items, MySQL Bambi pop tab and respect and basic server individual changes like host name, #players etc. I haven't installed dms or Infastar. ill just install vanilla configs and just change host name and see if it comes up as you say. If it does I'll make slight small changes and see if it breaks. also to note I did see server pop up over LAN but could not connect due to error 15:36:17 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted a3_characters_f From what I've seen on blogs is it's normal since vet 1.66 but it seems to be affecting me. if LAN shows up but remote doesn't then could be firewall issue? But I've forwarded all necessary ports and allowed pic firewall incoming outgoing connections.