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  1. WyBrator

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    @Razor77 Sorry Bud I'm unable to recreate the Problem. it seems like something could be preventing it from saving the date to the database the error might show in your extDB2 log files... or if you not to attached to your date you could always try in your @ExileServer\addons\PTWS\config.sqf line1 PTWS_ID = "PTWS"; to PTWS_ID = "PTWStest"; it will fores it to start over...
  2. I can't Figure out why my map marker isn't updating with my supply track position... Sort Version of my .sqf The Full .sqf
  3. WyBrator

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    Post your report here in past bin or spoiler and ill see what I can do for you....
  4. WyBrator

    Advanced Towing

    @kuplion hey bud do you still have that PBO? the links down and or can you tell me what I need to change where so my players need a rope to be able to tow please...
  5. WyBrator

    Simple Move Crate "Ammo Box"

    Hi guys I made a simple Move Crate or ammo box script for my server Works Great No sudden deaths with the crates jumping up killing you or blown up cars "Yet" However just need a little help Setting the Conditions I have no Idea how to do that yet... please look at the following explanation. WBV_Crate_list.hpp Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. WyBrator

    DMS Special Mission Idea

    @Riker2335 My Experience in total with coding, Programming and scripting is pretty Limited And what I would like to do might be a little ambitious for someone with my current skill level. The occupation Pathing is ok, I have seen them do some pretty dome stuff also. Perhaps Elon Musk will be so kind and give us a worthy AI one day haha... that said this is purely to help me learn in an environment where I have fun doing so. will play around with the Occupation scrips later and see if I can at least get a Truck to spawn as well as a map marker "Baby Steps" then I'll worry about spawning the AI and see how they drive.
  7. WyBrator

    Improved loot spawner for v1.0.3

    This is awesome just saying thank you... I had to learn how to script a move crate thing... to help move crates out of houses for pick up...
  8. @hogansheroes & @kuplion I was also looking into adding some code to get something at the end of the Selvage, not pop tabs tho I was thinking more in the lines of some materials (Scrap metal, Junk metal) But I have no Idea what functions to call so I'm stuck and google is no help if you cant properly tell it what you want to do...
  9. WyBrator

    DMS Special Mission Idea

    @[RG] Salutesh Thanks, so I will have to go rethink this... maybe move away from DMS and do it under Occupation. Did find a few Convoy scrips I'll study and come up with something I'm sure, will be a lot of work thou.
  10. Never Mind I figured it out... Guess I should go to bed now haha Tested and it works
  11. Can Any One point me in a direction I want to be able to full fuel barrels at a fuel pump but my Recipe doesn't seem to be working?
  12. @snorp Do you want the Heli Crash Markers to disappear? If yes then add the following Code to your deleteMapMarkers.sqf as for randomly generate the loot I have not idea how to do that...
  13. WyBrator

    [RELEASE] [Update 1.3] Vehicle Crafting - CDAH-Mod-Pack

    also don't have any crafting recipes showing up the message im getting in my report soon as I open the terminal Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. cdah_workshop
  14. WyBrator

    [RELEASE] [Update 1.3] Vehicle Crafting - CDAH-Mod-Pack

    I had to do the same thing to get my crafting to work again