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  1. Now working, nice job kuplion. Over 1200 simple objects, thats love for detail. I added the 2 signs for wastedump and a marker for the mixer. The radius of the safezone I reduced, but voila everything you create is brillant.
  2. Hey just found this Great Work S. Where can I download the files ? Could somebody send to me to ? Would be a pleasure to use this traders... thanks
  3. stefan.kueneth

    Enable AI markers on map for debug

    Sorry, does not work. No marker visible :-(
  4. stefan.kueneth

    CDAH craften und normales exile craften?!

    Hi zusammen, hat das jemand getestet, ich habe schon ewig das gleiche Problem ?? Man kann kein Campfire usw. mehr craften. Dekativiert man CDAH und die ganzen Einträge, welche man setzen muß, dann klappt alles. Es liegt somit an CDAH... Danke
  5. stefan.kueneth

    Enable AI markers on map for debug

    He Hasable, thanks for the post. I wil lcheck this... Good work
  6. stefan.kueneth

    Enable AI markers on map for debug

    hey thanks. I do not have Infistar and I want to use an other way. Is this possible and how ?
  7. stefan.kueneth

    Enable AI markers on map for debug

    Hello folks, is there a possibility to show ai on map for debug reasons ? Thx for reply Steven
  8. stefan.kueneth

    Extended items Exile - Safes broken

    somebody checked this ??
  9. stefan.kueneth


    Hey thanks, we fixed it. just change to target = "Exile_Container_Abstract_Safe"; to target = "Exile_Container_Safe"; nothing else now it works like a charm...
  10. stefan.kueneth


    Hello you, we have some safe from DMS Mission and from our Server before update 1.0.4. In 1.0.3 the safe worked fine, but now there is no menu for Change pin, unlock and so on. I found in Missionfile/config.cpp the class safe. Before Update from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4. the classname was: and in 1.0.4 it is: what to do now ? Just Change back to 1.0.3 values (in class safe) AND replace in Exile-Server\Code\ExileServer_object_lock_network_lockToggle.sqf to Exile_Container_Safe to get a working safe ?? Or where we have to adjust ? Thanks for help Steven
  11. stefan.kueneth

    Extended items Exile - Safes broken

    Hi, has anybody a solution ?
  12. stefan.kueneth

    Crafting not working (campfire etc) since cdah mod

    Hi, nothing is missing I think. If I comment everything CDAH related out, crafting works. If enabled, the crafting seems to work, everything is black. You can click to "craft", but nothing is happening. CDAH seems to block
  13. stefan.kueneth

    Can not login

    can close. I used on my pc the exile 1.0.3 :-(
  14. Hello everybody, server crafting f.e. campfire works well if I comment out everything cdah related (config.cpp). If cdah is active I can´t craft nothing. Campfire etc... nothing. I checked to config serval times and I compared with some files I found on github, everything correct. Its a Linux Server. CDAH_Crafting folder is on the right place in mission file. Anybody andy idea ? Thx Steven config.cpp description.ext: Thx again