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  1. Finally, I made a sequel
  2. Hey dude! I recently posted a request for help with a zombie roleplay series. If you're interested message me or ping me on my discord https://discord.gg/BBeTRDt
  3. Hey guys, it's Duncanois here. I've only recently taken an interest in these forums, and I'm already loving the community! So, lets cut to the chase: Me and a few friends (when I say a few, I mean around 3-5) are starting up a new zombie series. BUT we are short on 'manpower' or 'actors'. So I'm appealing to you guys, the community, for help. Any role you select is suitable, as long as it fits in with the story. We are currently looking for a large group of bandit actors to follow a leader. We could also use a few survivors. Any requests, be sure to post them here, and also feel free to message me in private or ping me on my discord server: https://discord.gg/BBeTRDt Thank you for those who help, and continue surviving!
  4. Hey guys, my video is finally out!
  5. It's finally out! Thanks to all those who supported me on this! It will get better and better with time and support
  6. ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus\config.cpp, line 4884: /CfgExileArsenal/CfgTraderCategories/: 'A' encountered instead of '{' This is the error message I get repeatadly. I have been busy, literally for 3 hours trying to fix it - to no avail. I've looked everywhere, but nothing helps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Y6cXxkSk
  7. Will be fixing it, don't worry. I'm gonna be upgrading by the time it's out, and the rest of the series will have very little
  8. Hey guys, you probably don't know me, but I've decided to create a new series. I know some of you might be calling us a Frankie clone, but fact is: we're aiming for something entirely different. This is gonna be epic, but ONLY if I get enough support. So please guys, help our dreams become a reality. Edit 1: Fixed Youtube link Edit 2: Changed title from "A new series..." to "A new series...(Trailer)"
  9. Hi! First of all, this sounds like a great addon! Now for my problem... ErrorMessage: File admintoolkit_servercfg\config.cpp, line 19: /CfgSettings/AdminToolkit.AdminList: '{' encountered instead of ';' This is what appears in my console when I start up the server (it's on a rented TCAdmin server). I'm at my wits end about this, I've tried for hours trying to fix it, to no avail. I can submit a pastebin entry if needed