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  1. watermark

    How to deal with a moving logo for different interface sizes & resolutions? https://imgur.com/a/UKPzoig At the moment I've manged to create a watermark logo in the "top right" corner but it seems went waaaaaay too far to the right corner. I'm using interface - normal size , resolution - 1920x1080 & I guess for other players playing with different resolution or interface size logo will shift to other position? these are the current params PS: if you dont see the logo , make sure you've checked other interface sizes , it may be loaded and works correctly and just off the seen screen.
  2. Recheck the installation steps, I think you missed some steps at database preinstall preparations. There is a step that deals with vehicle's ammo count. Before you install AVS you create additional column in vehicle table in your database, where ammo count is saved. Just follow the steps, one by one and you'll be fine.
  3. Can anyone help me out with adding climate temperature to StatsBar ? There is clearly a function for it in ExAd version (fn_getTempEnv.sqf) , but no way of showing it/turning it on.
  4. delete this
  5. I'm confused, Exilez doesn't require RZ Infection mod anymore in order for infection to work? (RZ Infection mod removed from Workshop, so I need to update something now...)
  6. Yeah, but Reborn have its own pre-generated garbage piles . I'm counting on Scavenge Framework to completely replace the vanilla "floor" one, so I need to use all the objects I could find (furniture/crates/etc) without deleting them. At the moment, I stopped on 4 meters radius. The only way to remove the possibility of abuse. The only con with this is , many lootable objects will be disabled if you have some house full of furniture (could look at it as a pro, since you won't hang around for a long time to loot single house 10+ objects)
  7. Well, I tried your suggestion & it doesn't work for me. So I'm still using the "full file path" I posted for my sounds.
  8. Which sounds you cant get working? The one you configure in description.ext or sounds.sqf ? I'm running it , that is why I posted the solution here in a first place.
  9. Hey lads, I want to add my zombies ,at specific locations, different visible gear such as headgear, backpacks , eyewear ... For example: zombie dock workers I've created additional zClassesList : and mixed it a bit with other classes by creating zombie group in zClasses: Now , its time to put some relevant gear on them ... protective helmets, glasses... (uniforms can't be changed, so I've just picked the zombies in rollovers) Then I was thinking of creating zHeadgear.sqf and zEyeWear with items array, similar to zVest... SpawnZombies.sqf will require some changes too...not sure how I should add these new params... and later call for them when it creates zombies loot, if anyone can help me out on these, I'll really appreciate it... was thinking about these kind of changes in SpawnZombies: Am I on the right track?
  10. sweet . works like a charm via xm8. in config.cpp find class CfgXM8 (as for Exile 1.0.3) add these and voila, clan/family registration window opening
  11. Does anyone know if it would be possible to have this script allow claiming of these vehicles so that they can set the PIN , but NOT have their UID set in the db?
  12. Fantastic news @kuplion. Thanks! PS: Have you checked the Resurrection thingy? Is it possible to add this option ? It may conflict with revival system , but lets say I'm still interested in it, what are the publicvariables for it?
  13. Its an infistar's block try disabling KCM , CMC checks or maybe check_doors_n_gates
  14. I see a lot of Exile related errors. " exilespawnzonemarkerpositions " " ExileSpawnZoneMarkerPositions " , "File exile_client\code\ExileClient_util_world_isSpawnZoneInRange.sqf" etc... Whats up with your markers? Any missing commas or brackets? Probably Exile server configured wrong and it "dragging" some errors to DMS & Occupation. Check your setup, missions.sqm and the rest exile server files.