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  1. Chernaruski

    Exile Scavenge Framework - 0.7 BETA (23.10.2017)

    I would go step after step , file after file to re-check that they are configured and merged correctly. Follow installation steps and re-check everything. CfgRemoteExec, RscTitles, ExileClient_object_player_initialize. See if all CPP files were copied to where they should. Its scrupulous process , but it will find the problem. @Lady Val
  2. Chernaruski

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    It only fixes current vehicles in DB. Next time AVS will spawn new vehicles with empty ammo cell, and you will get the same rpt error again. Still looking for assistance with my problem.
  3. Chernaruski

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    I'm having hard times finding this annoying bug, that I think is somehow related to AVS spawning a new vehicle. 1 out 3 times , sometimes 1 out of 5 times server stuck on init (locked) and spits error. Very hard to track since it have no consistency , but imho its related to AVS spawning a new vehicle , after one of the vehicles gets destroyed. First error is related to the AVS and incorrect creation of a value in DB , the ammo column empty instead of empty array [ ]. 6:02:20 "AVS ERROR - INVALID MAGAZINE SAVED IN DATABASE: " 6:02:20 "AVS ERROR - Magazines should be saved an array. Blank entries should be: [] Verify your database." This one I pretty much ignore since it have no impact on gameplay (I don't use vehicles with ammo ) and server just loading with RPT error nothing else. This error never stopped server from loading. The second ones is the one I get every time server is stuck in init state: 6:02:24 "getSpawnedVehicleTracker: RoadCars" 6:02:24 "getSpawnedVehicleTracker: RoadTrucks" 6:02:25 "AVS ERROR - INVALID MAGAZINE SAVED IN DATABASE: " 6:02:25 "AVS ERROR - Magazines should be saved an array. Blank entries should be: [] Verify your database." 6:02:25 "AVS ERROR - INVALID MAGAZINE SAVED IN DATABASE: " 6:02:25 "AVS ERROR - Magazines should be saved an array. Blank entries should be: [] Verify your database." 6:02:25 Error in expression <s, rectangular _this, -1]}; if (_this isEqualTypeArray [[], 0, 0, 0, false]) e> 6:02:25 Error position: <isEqualTypeArray [[], 0, 0, 0, false]) e> 6:02:25 Error isequaltypearray: Type Number, expected Array 6:02:25 File A3\functions_f\Misc\fn_getArea.sqf [BIS_fnc_getArea], line 30 6:02:31 "SC/BIS_fnc_log: [BIS_fnc_preload] ----- Scripts initialized at 49800 ms -----" I can't find what is behind this error. Its clear to me that when it gets to AVS init getSpawnedVehiclesTracker: RoadTrucks its gets stuck. Could it be bugged vehicle that can't be spawned ? Could it be some deprecated BIS or exile legacy command that is used in my version of AVS 1.4.4 ? Would appreciate your help with this. - FULL RPT (pastebin) - the AVS version I use
  4. Chernaruski

    Expression Errors Help .RPTs

    I'm going to experiment with AVS hooks and legacy files that are related to server vehicles init and see if it helps. (fn_preInit.sqf). I have my own custom code override files , and I've just noticed AVS overrides them with files of its own (hooks). Probably something outdated called. I've seen this A3XAI error before. Not sure what I did , but its gone now. @NutzMcKracken Yeah, some of the related commands have been changed. I've google for these errors & it seems server with Invade & Annex having exactly the same errors.
  5. Chernaruski

    Expression Errors Help .RPTs

    It seems there was some change in one of the "recent" Arma 3 updates. BIS_fnc_randomPos command was changed ... and if you use old version of AVS , every time AVS spawn a new vehicle it makes the server stuck on init (locked). yeah well , old AVS deprecated and can make you sweat
  6. Chernaruski


    Add warning message & a trigger that resets vehicle fuel to 0 , if players are inside X meters from the mission. I know its maybe harsh or hardcore , but it forces players do the mission on foot and adds a bit of planning before they even go in.
  7. Chernaruski

    [Release] DMS Chernarus Static AI Base Mission

    Go to aibase_nwaf.sqf and change [false,false] to [true,false] , to all buildings classnames you want to be able to open. for example: ["Land_Mil_ControlTower_EP1",[4121.652344,10920.859375,339.0680542],[[0.732248,-0.681039,0],[0,0,1]],[true,false]], When I was placing the objects I forgot about the buildings that require enableSimulationGlobal to be on to be able to open doors. PS: same thing for other missions, if it have the enableSimulationGlobal parameter = false , you wont be able to open doors.
  8. Is it possible to make radiation zone to spawn and despawn with mission ?
  9. Chernaruski

    [Release] DMS Chernarus Static AI Base Mission

    sorry my bad add "aibase_nwaf" to DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart , not to DMS_StaticMissionsOnServerStart to load objects on server start this is where it should be
  10. Chernaruski

    [Release] DMS Chernarus Static AI Base Mission

    From a look into your PBO, I found that you didn't add aibase_nwaf to DMS_StaticMissionsOnServerStart and not even calling the right static mission. Try this
  11. Chernaruski

    [Release] DMS Chernarus Static AI Base Mission

    Try this. Don't forget to call for this AIStaticBase static mission in DMS config + init the objects on server start via DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart = [ "aibase_nwaf" ];
  12. Chernaruski

    Expression Errors Help .RPTs

    I can't do it, since its the only reason I use AVS in a first place. PS: mods maybe move this to
  13. Chernaruski

    Expression Errors Help .RPTs

    First expression is map related config error, it doesn't have real impact on gameplay from what I noticed. Will be fixed with the next map update. The second, I think I have it too. Sometimes my server just won't auto-restart because of this. It stays locked , because exileserver can't initialize the game world. Possibly AVS related error, when it can't spawn vehicle for some reason. If you know whats that all about and how to fix it please let me know. So yeah @HexicGaming, basically it have nothing to do with Exile itself.
  14. Chernaruski

    [Release] DMS Chernarus Static AI Base Mission

    Any DMS Static Mission can be ported to a different map , all you need to do is : 1) In your static objects sqf file (probably located @ dmsfolder/objects/static) change private _vehicle = (_x select 0) createVehicle (_x select 1); to private _vehicle = create3DENEntity ["Object",(_x select 0),(_x select 1),true]; and just run the whole sqf in Debug Console. This will import static mission object to eden editor , so you can move , tweak and place the objects wherever you want and export back to sqf with Exile 3DEN plugin. 2) As for AI , static guns , vehicles and crates... you will have to place them manually and copy paste the selected positions to a static mission sqf in a correct array _AISoldierSpawnLocations = for AI infantry _staticGuns = for static guns _veh = for vehicles _veh2 = . . . etc. If you guys interested , I can port this to ChernarusRedux map. Already placed it around @ NWAF area.
  15. Chernaruski

    [Updated] ExileReborn - A complete survival package

    Something wrong with the new function you've posted, infi stops loading when I change it to the version posted above. Somewhere "" or ; is missing , as usual ))