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  1. aw bummer, cool addon....pitty, i would totally help, but lack so much knowledge outside sqf (took me a week to be able to build 32bit) when you say support do you mean 'help' or 'donations'?
  2. i was able to build using x86 and the mod works fine if your using it for one radio channel not so good for multi channels they seem to over lap, but for all id like to use it for one channel is plenty, my real question is, iv also tried to build it as x64 (for 64bit arma) everything seemed to have build just as well as x86, i put the dll folder in the same mod folder as the x86 dll (nradio.dll and nradio_x64.dll) and call it the exact same way and it doesnt seem to work?......im sorry but i lack all sorts of knowledge in this visual studio game etc, but should you be able to build this solution as x64 and have it work or is this just not possible? or am i doing something completely wrong?.