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  1. Mr.Bagge

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    How can I change the color of the mapmarkers? since Im using a wintermap and the missionmarkers are in white so it's impossible to see what mission it is except from the difficaulty.
  2. Hello! I have already tried having an intro music to my server upon spawn. But I didnt enjoy it and found it more annoying.. I'd like to go across that barrier and try to see if it's possible to play this music while being in the spawn/respawn menu. What I mean by that is that it's supposed to execute the command when arriving to the spawn menu and end the music when spawning. Im also using xsspawn system if that's needed to know
  3. Mr.Bagge

    Customize fuel-value on vehicle trader

    thanks for reply, I think this is what I was looking for ---> "value = getFuelCargo myVehicleName;" But how do I get it to work? Let's say I want the vehicle Strider to spawn with 20% fuel when you purchase it from the vehicle trader and the quadbike to spawn with 50% fuel? or is it possible to make it random aswell? Sorry for my newb questions haha
  4. Mr.Bagge

    Customize fuel-value on vehicle trader

    Ohh yeah that's maybe true, however I made it more rare with fuel at the gas satations ^^ And where do I find the fuel cargo?
  5. Hello! my goal on my server is to make it hard to get fuel. I have lowered the fuel value for random spawned vehicles and reworked all the fuelstations to not have unlimited with fuel like it usually is. All I have left now is to be able to lower the fuel value upon purchasing a vehicle from the trader since they all spawn with 100% fuel. How and if possible, how? Any ideas? ^^
  6. Mr.Bagge

    DMS Custom Icons

    Hello there! Is it possible to use custom .paa icons for the a3_DMS addon and if so how? Since the icons that currently being used by DMS is not a .paa file and are custom made by ingame if Im correct
  7. Mr.Bagge

    TCA Kicks

    Thanks for response
  8. Mr.Bagge

    TCA Kicks

    Hello! I have become frustrated for the past since it seems like TCA likes to poke everyone them out of the server. I have realised everyone dont have problem with the TCA kicks. But some people gets TCA kicked for wrong signatures while others gets just a TCA: Kicked off the game - Without any kick msg. I have spoken with the players and they have tried reinstalling Arma 3 and all the mods. It worked just fine whenever I disabled the signatures to 0 in the config. Is this really server sided? or is it client side? If so, any Idea how to fix this?
  9. Mr.Bagge

    Kicked of the game

    Hello! Im having a major issue right now. for the past hrs I have been having an issue where everyone gets kicked from the server. It seems to work for me as an admin, but whenever I logout as admin from infiSTAR with the !admin command I get kicked myself. So it has to be infiSTAR I guess? Could anyone please tell me what I have done wrong
  10. Mr.Bagge

    Vehicle fuel problem

    I restarted the server, seemed to fix the problem. But Im still spooked on how that happend. and if anyone have any Ideas what could be the cause let me know so I possibly could prevent this to happen in the future. All I could think of is the scripts Im using is messing with me. But I have checked them all and cant find anything. It's a first timer this happen and I have had my servers for almost a month now.
  11. Mr.Bagge

    Vehicle fuel problem

    Hi! Im having an urgent issue. It's a very weird issue that I have never experience before both server side and client side. But it seems like older vehicles that have been used alot in the past on my server leaks fuel even if the engien if turned off. The vehicle is fully repaired and I have even repaired it with infiSTAR admin tools and it still leaks fuel when the engien is off. Want to point out that this happen to all vehicles, not only the modded.. The vanilla ones are included to on this problem
  12. Mr.Bagge

    Remove/replace the exile icons?

    Im not atlking clientside now, so it's possible serverside?
  13. so how do you open the sqm file in a text format? I have tried everything such as unchecking the binaize option and edit it with all sort of programs that should support sqm format. or am I doing anything wrong?
  14. Mr.Bagge

    Remove/replace the exile icons?

    Hello exilers! As you title says, is it possible to remove or change the Exile icons, such as bambi,autorun and combat. Also wondering if its possible to move them to another position, lets say to the top left corner (even tho it's useless).
  15. Mr.Bagge

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    I have the logo.paa in 256x128 size (same size xstreme is using) but I still get the error message that it cant find the xslogo.paa whenever I load in to the spawn menu. I have even tried optimizing the image from 58 KB down to 10 KB. Please help