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  1. Badger520


    We are UNPG We are a small group on discord that enjoy exile server's, So we decided to create one which would be great in our view. This does not mean we do not take advice from the players. We will listen to the player base on any needs that need to be made.
  2. Looking for group to join or people to teamup with and help get my server going, I have a server running Tanoa. My steam name is mando add me
  3. Badger520

    DC Gaming

    High loot, Levels, Vector, base-paint, Paint-shop and Gear crates.
  4. Looking to people to team-up with you group to join I also have my own server.
  5. Badger520

    exad showing in wrong place

    Yeah I am having same issue
  6. Badger520

    1.0.4 "Pineapple" Release!

    I keep getting this message in the rpt even after updating BE any idea 14:36:16 BEServer: cannot find channel #1985775546, users.card=0
  7. Looking for group to join or people to team up with.
  8. Badger520

    Looking for a group

    Also looking for a group to team up with
  9. Badger520

    Recruiting New Members for our Group

    I would like to join your guys group
  10. Badger520

    Chernaurs pbo

    I didn't know there were that many version's. I believe its Isles
  11. Badger520

    Chernaurs pbo

    UCJOHN thank you for helping me and taking your time to post the links.
  12. Badger520

    Chernaurs pbo

    Sorry I am new to this how would I do that
  13. Badger520

    Chernaurs pbo

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find a Chernaurs Pbo with spawns that are not all on the shore.