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      Inmates! We have launched 1.0.4 update for Exile. You can read about the release here:   
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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

      Just download the server files from the downloads section. 


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  1. Looking for group to join or people to teamup with and help get my server going, I have a server running Tanoa. My steam name is mando add me
  2. DC Gaming

    High loot, Levels, Vector, base-paint, Paint-shop and Gear crates.
  3. Looking to people to team-up with you group to join I also have my own server.
  4. Yeah I am having same issue
  5. I keep getting this message in the rpt even after updating BE any idea 14:36:16 BEServer: cannot find channel #1985775546, users.card=0
  6. Looking for group to join or people to team up with.
  7. Also looking for a group to team up with
  8. I would like to join your guys group
  9. I didn't know there were that many version's. I believe its Isles
  10. UCJOHN thank you for helping me and taking your time to post the links.
  11. Sorry I am new to this how would I do that
  12. Hi, does anyone know where I can find a Chernaurs Pbo with spawns that are not all on the shore.