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  1. CrazyCorky

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Did I overlook an option to have reward crates have ammo that matches the weapons found in the reward crates? The ammo that spawns in the crate doesn't match the weapons in said crate.
  2. CrazyCorky


    Zol are you trying to create the mission PBO for panthera?
  3. CrazyCorky

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    I've randomly had AVS vehicles not spawning in damaged despite the threshold being .35 and .75... anyone else encounter this?
  4. Your first step would be to try and find real height data for the area. Then bring that into L3DT. Beyond that there's plenty of tutorials out there. Keep in mind it may be difficult to get the area to look right without US style buildings.
  5. CrazyCorky

    Detrimental weather effects script

    So the cold clothes are the clothes that would allow the player to be cold or that would keep the player warm?
  6. CrazyCorky

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    Running PTWS and I get the following error. Did I do something wrong? Any help would be appreciated!
  7. CrazyCorky

    Zombies will not attack AI

    Was this ever solved using ExileZ? I can't seem to figure out how to make Zombies hostile to AI set to East and the players.
  8. So I'm having the same issue. Would it possibly have to do with world name compared to file name? Am I missing somewhere to force it to load the correct triggers/settings? Mine looks identical.
  9. CrazyCorky

    A3XAI and Tanoa

    So I've added Tanoa to the world with the coords and the radius from the center, still no luck. I have debug up to level 2. Nothing shows in the report that I can see. Is there something I'm missing while trying to set this up? As stated before Vehicles AI are spawning fine. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  10. CrazyCorky

    [Release] Sell Crates to Waste Dump

  11. CrazyCorky

    A3XAI and Tanoa

    Yep. No HC.
  12. CrazyCorky

    A3XAI and Tanoa

    I understand. Not sure if it has anything to do with AI not spawning on Tanoa though. They worked fine on Panthera, Chernarus, and Altis. Not sure why I'm having issues on Tanoa. @Brenner Where does the fn_preStart.sqf go?
  13. CrazyCorky

    A3XAI and Tanoa

    I've had the same thing. But it's worked fine on other servers.
  14. CrazyCorky

    A3XAI and Tanoa

    This question was posted before however there was no response to it. I was wanting to bring it up again to see if anyone had clue as to why A3XAI Dynamic/Static spawns are not spawning on Tanoa. The Vehicle AI are spawning just fine (Somewhat wonky driving, but expected). I've looked at locations, added the map center to the config file, do I need to edit something in the config? I'm also using the updated version from @kuplion as well. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!
  15. CrazyCorky

    [Update] PTWS - Persistent Time and Weather System

    Does this still work reliably or is there a newer version of it?